Saturday, October 25, 2014

On the train ride to New York I spotted a flock of white ducks

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Being on a really long train ride with boyfriend has taught me one thing. He can get annoying. LOL! but we laugh about it. He whispers little things to me I think aren't really whispers cause I'm pretty sure he's saying it loud enough that whomever he's speaking of can hear them. -_- that's probably what I was most annoyed about.

On the train though I wish we filmed ourselves as we goofed around to pass time. At one point boyfriend shares his mp3 player with me to listen to music and we dance around in our seats creating our own creative dance to the songs we were listening to.

We however didn't feel all that safe on the train to be honest as we cross the border to the states. I really don't want to get into depth in it but .... it just doesn't feel all that safe. The ride is long and we didn't find out there was only WI-FI in the food cart cabin. 
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