Friday, January 30, 2015

Online Knock-Off to Custom Dress

Online shopping can be difficult. It's like gambling really because sometimes you really don't know what you're going to end up receiving in the mail.

I've been planning a wedding and buying items online. Dresses are an example. Well... there was this ONE dress that I've been ogling for the longest time. I pinned it a few years back. I love the color and the look. I found it online and took the great leap of purchasing it.

What I received in the mail was a total knock off.

I didn't want to send it back, it would cost me a lot of money to do so. So wanted a partial refund for the poor quality dress I did receive in the mail. The seller refused. I kept complaining but the seller kept saying the dress looks exactly as it does in their product photos. My photos of the actual dress I received however obviously did not. Here are some of my dispute photos. Right and left.

Boyfriend said to let it go, it was online $100 ~ which to me is a lot of money. To him it's pennies I guess compared to the overall view of our wedding. So I dropped my complaint and simply wrote a long and hefty feedback on the item along with accompanying proof of the knock-off dress and all of it's flaws. The seller had the gull to even feedback on my feedback saying I was a liar. Which got me, of course, very very angry. Boyfriend again said to let it go. 

I was stuck with this dress that with the life of me seemed dreadfully something I would have made if I did make it on my own. I have never made a dress before, my sewing skills are good, but not of an advanced professional. I have this dress to work with and will of course do my best to make it what I envision my super fun photo dress
  1. Picked out all the loose threads in between the layers of the dresses skirt.
    I even found a pin.

  2. Removed the poorly cut and sewn on lace edging.

  3. Removed the green white flowers on the dress and cleaned off as much glue as I could.
  4. Cut and re-hemmed the bottom of the dress to what I think the dress length should be.
  5. Used the cut off piece of the dress and hemmed to the inside of the dress to create a secondary layer for more volume.
  6. Took apart the dress to folded up, sew and cut the layers of the tulle to give it more layers and volume. Sewed up the zipper sides. 
  7. Rolled the tulle edges, and after that this was the result since starting the re-vamp.
  8. Sewed the ends of the ribbon that laces up the back of the dress.
  9. Cut up the original lace edging and applied hot glue to the back & Iron-on glued the lace to the dress.
  10. Purchased new lace for the trim of the dress.
  11. Sewed it on

  12. Try it On

  13. Made straps for the dress cause I realized around the boobs area that it kept sagging down because the internal bra is too heavy for the dress.
If life gives you a lemon.... you make the best god damn lemonade ....EVER!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

He's too cute with Teddy

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ZOMG! It's the first time I've found money while walking the dog! #takethatboyfriend #lucky #gfbfdog

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I really can't believe that this happened to me. I always had the tendency to find balls with koji.
Today I hit a mother load!

Koji seemed so not amused in the photo. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Box vs Bed #gfbfdog

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He seemed to have had a long day today. As he curls up in his avocado box. He's perfectly happy just sleeping in a box. He has a grape box he loves at mama's. 

I'm so sad right now

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Ok, this photo was taken at 6:40am  in the morning. I was sitting at McDonald's with the boyfriend because the fire alarm in our building went off.

We were awoken by blaring alarm. The boyfriend quickly checks the condo and grabs the step ladder to see if he can turn it of. (Jeebus, it was adorable) Because when he sat the step ladder down, I asked him what he was doing. He said he wanted to turn it off, I said he couldn't do that. It's the building alarm that was going off. I knew this because I'd been the one whose been home for all the fire alarm testings. I said the building is on fire, not the suit.

So, apparently when my house is on fire, all I would do is put on a jacket / sweater and grab is my purse. I didn't even put on glasses.

At McDonald's I was sad, because I was blind. I couldn't see anything very clearly at all. We ate breakfast, and it was all eyes wide open for me during this time.

After returning to the building we went back to bed... it wasn't till sometime later around 9 when we went on with our day we found out it was someone in my building had pulled the alarm because they thought they had smell gas on the fourth floor.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Traveled down a gravel path, over a bridge with a creek underneath to get to a client meeting. #adventures #latergram

Sometimes life just takes you on an adventure, even though it's on a way to a client meeting.

On this day I took the skytrain, when I got to the designated station, I got off and walked down the street to where it said I could enter and cut through the park. I saw no way past a fence. Little did I know was that there was an opening where you can go through as the side of the chained off gate.

I didn't notice the side until I spotted a pair of cyclists that had just went through the park. I journeyed past the gates and down a gravel path that lead to a bridge with a creek. As shown in the first photo ( although it was taken from the other side of the bridge, looking down the path from the other side). I got over the bridge and it lead up a path out of the park and onto a street side. I would past a small community center of some sort and to a street crossing that would leave me more confused.

Why would I be confused. Well when I got to this particular street sign, I thought I WAS traveling down Lozells avenue. Now this sign says I'm traveling down Government Rd. And Lozells is now perpendicular?! I pull out my phone and look up GPS, and found that someone had turn the post. Confusing whom ever would be traveling around here. Perhaps I should have turned the post back to its actual position. Lozells avenues path leads me through residential area before I pass through some brick gate walls that lead me past Winston St., A street I soon recognized when I reached it. It wasn't far from here where I got to where I needed to get to. But it was an interesting journey.

On my way home, I find a dozen or so robins littering the sidewalk and grass area.
How many do you see?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

One flower girl dress down... Hope BabyC fits it when the time comes @bysusychen

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Making the flower girls dresses for my wedding.
Hand sewn, because my sewing machine is broken at the moment.

2 tutu skirts = 6$
Lace edging around = 4$
The lace on the body of dress was left over from my veil making.
Silk Ribbon for back of dress was left over from pack of ribbon I bought for $3 to make my garter.
Pink backing behind the lace was from a pink scarf I got for $2.
Inside underlining was scraps salvaged from a dress I'm fixing.

All in all I think the dresses I'm making will have cost me 20$ or less. Where purchasing them would have cost me $20 per dress. Time to make it, may a day or so plus, but I have lots of time to spar these days.

One dress down, another one to go. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Ukulele strings arrived @thinkvik drop it off anytime :)

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Another gig done, time to sleep :)

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This was another photography booth gig we did. It may be the last of our Christmas / New Years Season... and the first of 2015.

For sure I'm noting some things are still needed to refine our setup. Photo-taking ease, a faster printer? More clips for the back drop so the wrinkles don't annoy me as much.

I don't mind doing this gig, because it doesn't feel like work to me. Just having some fun with a friend. Nothing gives me more pleasure than watching others enjoy for a moment of being a kid again, getting to play dress up, even if it's for a few seconds.

I've noticed a few things I'm constantly seeing be a photographer.

There are many people who want to take photos but seem to be afraid of the camera. Don't! We are going to try our best, to help you get a great and memorable photo you'll love!

Don't worry about getting cozy or snuggling up to your friends in a group photo.
Want to take a photo in a large group?... well you're going to hear me say..

Look at the camera, not the monitor.
I catch myself doing this, I am also guilty. So I don't really blame others when they do it too. In all the shoots I have found myself saying..."CAMERA, CAMERA, CAMERA!" - My bud, Vikaash says it just sounds awkward coming out of him when we start shooting... I have no hesitations about shouting this out at any time of day or shoot.

Sometimes people just need some direction
It's strange but it's true, sometimes some people just need to have some assistance. That's what we're there for.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Friday, January 02, 2015

Panda Popsicle doesn't look like the packaging

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Today was crazy hotpot day at Steven's house. So many people crammed into one little kitchen. I wonder if it's that crazy feeling when it's at my place. After dinner we all diverted out into the living room to relax when Kari handed out Panda Popsicle. Sadly they don't look very much like what it says on the wrapper. It looks much much sadder. 

surprised him with candy and he loved it!

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So boyfriend ate this candy awhile ago and saved the wrapper and has been keeping an eye out for it for a while. So I went around to stores searching for it.

Today he sent me out to get groceries and I thought I'd pop by London Drugs to see if they had it and they did! I was a bit surprised to see the selection however wasn't that fast for this brand considering it is a local company that makes it.

I went back home and presented it to him and his eyes lit up. Too bad he only really like the blueberry ones.