Friday, January 16, 2015

Traveled down a gravel path, over a bridge with a creek underneath to get to a client meeting. #adventures #latergram

Sometimes life just takes you on an adventure, even though it's on a way to a client meeting.

On this day I took the skytrain, when I got to the designated station, I got off and walked down the street to where it said I could enter and cut through the park. I saw no way past a fence. Little did I know was that there was an opening where you can go through as the side of the chained off gate.

I didn't notice the side until I spotted a pair of cyclists that had just went through the park. I journeyed past the gates and down a gravel path that lead to a bridge with a creek. As shown in the first photo ( although it was taken from the other side of the bridge, looking down the path from the other side). I got over the bridge and it lead up a path out of the park and onto a street side. I would past a small community center of some sort and to a street crossing that would leave me more confused.

Why would I be confused. Well when I got to this particular street sign, I thought I WAS traveling down Lozells avenue. Now this sign says I'm traveling down Government Rd. And Lozells is now perpendicular?! I pull out my phone and look up GPS, and found that someone had turn the post. Confusing whom ever would be traveling around here. Perhaps I should have turned the post back to its actual position. Lozells avenues path leads me through residential area before I pass through some brick gate walls that lead me past Winston St., A street I soon recognized when I reached it. It wasn't far from here where I got to where I needed to get to. But it was an interesting journey.

On my way home, I find a dozen or so robins littering the sidewalk and grass area.
How many do you see?

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