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Happy Birthday to Whom I Love

I want to take a moment while you sleep beside me to write to you, even though you're not much of a reader. In your busy days during this tax season, as your business grows and time seem to shorten, remember. Remember I will always help you. And it is a shame we didn't celebrate it largely, perhaps I should plan a secret whenever we want happy birthday party... It is never too early or too late to celebrate the birth of someone that means so much.

Happy Birthday, to the one that I love so dearly. That has made me fall so madly in love with him. With all you do, I love you. You work so hard and I know it is perhaps why you sleep so loudly.

Everyday you make me smile, laugh. We have become accustomed to one another's presence and it seems a little incomplete while the other is missing. You continue to fill my heart. I hope I continue to fill yours, Happy Birthday and to many more.