Monday, June 29, 2015


#addictedtomaking diy pencil pouches, sunglasses pouch, pen pocket, replaced clasp on my chococat wallet.

I've been looking for a great pencil pouch, and searching online feels so tedious because there isn't anything I really like. Sometimes making what you want is the only solution. I made more than one because I liked both styles of pencil pouches, but one may end up as my make up pouch. I realized the best way to keep my pencil pouches from ink and graphite marks may be to make a pen pouch. My grey pencil pouch design has hidden zippered pouch inside, which I thought would be the smartest way to separate items such as small electronics gadgets like my square reader.

My chococat wallet is perhaps one of my oldest wallets and one I love a lot. when the clasp became worn and the vinyl began to crack I was actually pretty sad about it. But now I found some materials that may compliment it, it just made sense to fix it and do some alterations to make the wallet more - "I won't lose my bank cards" safe. Yes I lost a bank card once because it slipped out the side of the wallet. (don't worry, I found it again safely.)

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