Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Art Contest Entry

I select my contests carefully. It is not always about the money. It's sometimes about if the end prize is certainly worth it. If it will be equal ground entering. If I am inspired to enter.

My latest entry is to Dreamworks Animation, Art contest. However my piece is somewhat unlike other entries that are digital computer illustrations, I decided to do mine on canvas with acrylic. One, because I had the canvas. Two, before I knew about the contest, I watched Kung Fu Panda One and Two and it inspired a piece, and once I found out about this contest - I had the ability to alter this inspired piece. Three, even though I am a graphic designer, and I could have easily digitally illustrated / graphically designed something - there are somethings a computer cannot imitate. And I'll tell you what.

Although you see this image as just an image, (through the computer screen) it is something much more in person on the canvas. I have been experimenting of late with acrylics and how people view my paintings and the ability to view them. This painting was a delight to dream up of. As I watched the first KungFu Panda, I fell in love with Master Oogway. He reminded me of my art teachers (masters). Giving wisdom. I also fell in love with the scene when he ascended. Then looked up if Kung Fu Panda 3 was on netflix after watching 1&2, I was surprised to find that it has yet to be released! and it there is an art contest! Oh ho Ho! I have to enter. 

The story of this painting is: Before Po sets off on his journey for the search of his family. I imagine him to visit the Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom. Time has gone by and even the Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom has sprouted an offspring, making him think of the journey he has to take (to find his parents and family). Po searches for guidance here and as he meditates he is comforted when a swirl of peach blossom petals fly around him making him think of master Oogway, one who gave him comforting advice there years ago when he became the dragon warrior and felt alone and searching for who he needed to be.

Ironic imagery with the Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom and my train of thought and story for this painting is although Po may see that the peach tree has sprouted an offspring ( and see this as a parent-child relationship), He himself actually doesn't know that at one time the seed was a symbol for him. It was planted by Master ShiFu and Oogway during a conversation they had about Po. Oogway advising ShiFu that Po simply needed proper nurturing to grow.

I put 3 days into painting this beautiful piece and wanted to apply my new experimentation and here is some things I wanted to share about this painting.

The glow of the bottom half of the painting, actually glows! In the dark that is.
Some petals on the peach blossom tree also glows as well.
The stars actually shine and twinkle (cause I used glitter glue - which I used on another painting before years ago to mimic the starry sky and loved it.)
I researched up some astrological constellations in relation to the actors in the movie and put those constellations in the stars. 

Please show your support and love for this painting by clicking on the image and loving the entry! thank you! 
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