Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dreams and Reality

Dreams and Reality
There are things at time that I don't dare to blog. My reality of my deepest fears coming true. Facing what at times I myself don't want to speak of.
The fact is. On and off a around a month- traces of that - that may flow through my veins - a symptom surfaces. Reminding me that it's time to schedule another check up. This time to ask to what I so feared before.
I'm currently watching the soloist. A movie that stars two of my favorite actors. Powerful, moving, fear facing movie. My heart feels this movie, like stopping my hear to force me to listen. Making me nervous. Sometimes it takes witnessing the love someone else posses to trigger a search of your own. I however I'm prone to being aware of what's going on. Sometimes more than others.
I started writing this blog the night before yesterday. Was interrupted and accused of not paying attention, I stopped. I dare not tell him what worries that are jotted in this entry. Maybe that's what really worries me when I start to feel sick again / showing unwanted symptoms. I look back- too often and wonder. No- DJ is right to say that I must focus on now, cause now is all I really have.
I watched the green hornet the night before last, and it was the given Seth Rogan funny. I'm glad to see Jay Chou though branching off into the north American market in a fun light heart movie, and as always - loving Cameron Diaz. <3
I really have nothing to worry about but me- and my dog, who I try to make happy by giving him attention. Spending time with him, and petting him- a lot.
Works getting ridiculous- starting early and ending late is not cool- just dedicated. And does a dedicated one get rewards? I hope so.
I had a strange dream last night, something about baby, diaper, then all of a sudden someone trying to kill me in a freezer. As I run and escape. I run out of a large building and run past the large clock in front of the building to read Noodle and for some reason somewhere between the first two and last two letters are a large clock, it was a simple dial on a large wooden sign. And I was trying to read the establishment. But could see numbers but didn't understand. 530? 560? Something there. An address? I just remember running and waking up tired. You know those dreams that where you wake up, your tired cause you were running or was super active in your dream.
Man if I make a noodle shop- ever - I'm making it more easy to escape from- actually it was pretty easy. I think it was all the dodging from some crazy person trying to kill me.
I'm tired - more sleep please.

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