Friday, January 21, 2011

Shower fast!

Shower fast!
I probably had the fastest shower ever today- I showered, changed and left the house grabbing a banana on the way out. My bud stayed late last night working on his new adventure project. I asked at least for the local one to take me with him. I just wish I was warmer around the time he hopes to choose to do it. At least we have a basis of a website design down. My first big design project on my new comp, pretty cool. However the new design programs take a bit getting used to.

I'm so hungry :(
I wonder what's to go down this weekend. Things left so unplanned like a surprise. I guess I'll see what I can do about knocking off some things on my personal to do list.

My emotions have been getting the best of me the last few days but I'm a bit better now. I really have to focus in me- very largely. Doing videos, painting, making music. I haven't even written any short stories, maybe because I feel like my life is a huge stories, so many dramatic moments, characters. Nothing more I can say, wash your emotions and live, love, art. Let yourself be moved my passion than force. Don't force anyone but yourself. Don't believe you're not worthy, don't dream too small. Take advice, speak the truth.

I am mad at dad for stealing my space heater.

Working in my space is so cold! >_<

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