Thursday, March 03, 2011

Go, Go, Slow Down, Crash

Yeah that basically summed up my Go-Karting adventure 2. And that's my life goal met.

I'm up late because I just spent time working, trying my best to fix what ever was left that was wrong with the site I'm currently about to launch at the company I work at. I was out a but late - after meeting with friends and going Go Karting and then to dinner.

At the Go Karting place - we were watching the safety video - only to see another old school friend on it. Apparently he used to work there. I was laughing >_<. I should have recorded the video. - I obviously came in last. Got stuck during a lap. Just ended up enjoying being last drifting around the corners. :P My hands hurt after and arms hurt. My arms were pretty short for the steering wheel and legs were too short for the pedals - that the guy who worked there had to adjust the pedals for me.

Before that I was shopping for some T-shirts to make for the upcoming trip.
and before that - work - was tedious trying to update all the client files and news release and blasts and such and such. Everyone's getting ready for PDAC.

All in all - I feel kind of upset that I couldn't get the site I'm about the launch to where I think it should be already. It's rough - with all these other projects coming in and out and needs to be done ASAP. - I need to sleep . G'nite.

I miss Ry already - :( jeebus I need a hug.
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