Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Surfing In Tofino

Rewinding to the days in Tofino. Day 2:

The next morning started - with everyone getting ready for today. Lining up interviews - I was there for a mid interview until I left with DJ and Trevor to go our surfing gear. I filmed our little excursion. - Me getting stuck having to sit on the floor of the van as we drove back to the inn. I was pretty excited to go surfing. DJ says to go get changed and when I do wander out - no one else is changed :( I felt like such a chump! and then I started sweating. To be honest I think someone can lose a lot of weight if they wore that thing a lot, since it is probably sucking up moisture from your skin. You can't hide anything in these suits- which totally made me feel SO FAT! so fat! >_<  - funny thing though - the boots didn't fit me properly nor did the gloves. Which later on had me taking in water. The only ones that were able to get into the waters were the ones that could swim - wait. I think Shalini could swim but she just didn't want to try surfing.

I don't know if what I did was really considered surfing - but I didn't stand up. considering I'm doing it with no teachers and I was pretty scared to drown in the ocean. Really - that's probably the first time in many a years I've swam in the ocean. shhh... don't tell the crew.  But the beach was safe place with the beach being one of those that are pretty flat, but I was suited up and ready to try something new. I must say, it was pretty fun riding onto shore on the tide. There was this one long one I was riding where all my friends seemed to be watching me. Apparently they all had hoped I would try standing up. After a few rides and fighting the waves, tasting the saltiness of the sea and taking in water in my boots and gloves - I called it a day. I joined Shalini on the beach as she sat next to a little fire that was going, that a previous person that was occupying that spot before us. My little pyro self had to make it bigger building the fire up. It warmed us. Along the beach there was dogs everywhere. I wanted to pet them but they were afraid of me when I was in my suit. There was one black retriever that came up to us and sat with us and stayed around like it was one of our dogs. But it wasn't - it had no tags and when we left it had wandered further down the beach as we were leaving. I felt bad, considering we didn't know who the owner was and if it was lost / looking for it's owner. I'm a sucker for animals. I walk back to the car climbing over logs and walking over gravel along the trail back to the car bare foot. Since I was the last one left behind on the beach. And my shoes were in the car - I should have got a piggy back ride from one of the guys now I think about it. Damn it!  - not over the logs - just the trail back to the car. It would have been nice to have a fire camp out on the beach together - maybe next time.

We return to the inn to have someone waiting for us as we arrived. Joe - a native of Tofino and a local wood carver. The few of us that went surfing - showered as Brian and Vik and Shalini Interviewed our guest. The other boys after showering went to go clean off the gear - hosing down the surfing gear. As I joined into the interview. Although I joined in near the end of it - it was interesting to hear the history of the people of Vancouver Island and the proper annunciations of some names of the towns on the island as well. Shalini - being adorable her, asked what he thought of the Sasquatch - if he thought it was real or a hoax. He said that it's real. Earlier that morning - in the other interview the same inquiry was made to another local - they didn't believe in it. I guess the mystery continues. During the interview with Joe - It felt a bit eerie for me as when he looked into my eyes as he spoke I felt like he wanted to ask me - until he did about where I was from. I knew he didn't mean where I live. I told him my ethnicity - being part chinese and 1/8th or is it 1/16? Native Malaysian. It was awesome to get more insight on the Natives of Tofino. It was something new to learn. We said our good byes to Joe and soon after we piled into the van to go to the local grocery store to get stuff to make dinner.

I make dinner - Chinese fried rice - actually it wasn't very Chinese with bacon, sausage with cheedar, and some other ingredients that were in it that didn't make it traditional - oh and it was made with brown rice. I made DJ make the rice - and at some point stir the pan as I kept adding in ingredients. At some point I was making Trevor do it but then I think he needed to go to the washroom. Shalini cooked some curry tofu vegetables plate for her and Vik to enjoy that was for a wrap. I didn't try some cause I was too afraid it was spicy and I don't do well with spicy stuff. I was right next to her when she was cooking it too. I could hear her when she said she thinks she may have put too much spice in it. I also cooked up some sunny side up eggs and some easy over eggs as well to eat with the rice. It turned out alright. All together - the boys excluding Vik - did the dishes. Which was fun to film. It wasn't too soon after we all ended up in the living room together with Shalini playing the piano. I took the opportunity to do some art. I filmed a bit - to our surprise also filmed Trevor playing the piano- me and Shalini thought he was going to play Mary had a little lamb - but he turns around and shocks up playing Cold Play! Yeah. His awesomeness shot up in my books in those few minutes - until he had to have the macbook pro sitting in his lap to help him play a song. I painted with water color pencils and a small canvas a scene of Long Beach. As everyone went to bed - I stayed up a bit to finish the painting and then writing in the autograph book - my thanks. Leaving the painting to Joe - Then Inn Owner of Tofino Trek Inn.
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