Friday, May 06, 2011

Expiry Dates

Expiry Dates
I have simply come with terms that everyone has them. Especially Me. My heath issue has struck hard this week and all I can really do is stick it out. To make matters worse I have a dry cut on the corner of my mouth this week that makes me sorry about wanting to eat anything when I try to open my mouth to eat anything.

My dog slept in my room last night and I have no idea how for a little dog - that he can have so much pee! Yeah I had a few wet surprise puddles when I woke up this morning. I find myself not getting mad at him anymore. I see that now he can't help himself when he does pee. No point of hitting him and saying NO! Because he can't even hear your discipline and hitting him would simply stress and startle him even more cause he can't see that you're mad.

Yesterday I had a nice surprise when I discovered a little bunny on a postal box.

Work days are getting slow but it's the epic calm before the storm.

I scored in the first regulation roller hockey game of the season. The. Canucks are doing well in the playoffs. And in now constantly looking for items to post up onto eBay to just get rid of.

I'm hungry- i wonder what I can eat this morning besides just having water.

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