Monday, July 11, 2011

Recalling Monday

This has been one busy week! Monday started off with me bringing my hockey gear to work. I had made dinner plans with a friend but he had forgotten to get back to me about it and ended up canceling on me later in the morning. Emergency changes. I hate how something that was planned just changes your whole day. You don't plan out days with a plan B do you? Well I ended up calling out my friend to help me out. Monday's is usually when a group of my God brother and his friends get together and do stuff together. Now they've added exercise into that routine. James - an acquaintance that I know through my God bro for some time now picked me up just outside of Oakridge station. Driven back to my God Brothers place as we waited for him to return from home, and soon his friends started to show up and got ready for their run around the track. That's just a walks away from his place. After a few laps for me around the track walking. The boys running of course. I walked considering that I didn't have running shoes. They did some other drills too but I didn't join in for that fitness fun. Soon after we went back to Chris' place and got our stuff and headed over to his friend Vince's place. Vince's family dog is absolutely adorable - when I first heard him bark I thought it was a person barking - imitating a dog barking. But he's this little adorable Shih tzu dog. Always hyper seeing people and at one point he was licking my face.

There was Chinese food for dinner and soon after the boys whipped out the PS3 and started to play NHL hockey. As I got ready to leave and go play roller hockey. Chris accompanied me to roller hockey. He actually knows and went to high school with the guy that plays goalie for my roller hockey game. The night ended with humbling conversation that made me realize that I'm truly grateful for having awesome friends.

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night . SYL
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