Monday, July 04, 2011

There Are No Winners

There Are No Winners
In a break up. Both sides will always lose a person that will never mean the same to one another. The moments they had will become beautiful stories that will only be recited years down the road or never again. About a love that once blossomed- somehow. There are often times as we sit in the midst of the break up and recovery there is the angry faze. Some of us may get over with one thought, others will resurface all the resentment they've ever felt each moment during their relationship. One may name all they've done out of love. One will never do that because they don't believe that's a loving thing to do.
In the break up aftermath - I guess we must watch our words. On both sides. Regardless of the emotions. I failed to do so with so many other inter-activities and persons around me.
The heart is heavy. And broken due to a long conversation with one I once cared for. Is there ever going back? Can words really be taken back - when they have already done their damage?
We must let go to move on.
I had a strange dream about going on a trip. I walked into a large elevator that took me to a level that was it's own city. Chinatown of some city I don't really remember.
Over slept this morning. Thought I would be a little late but then I come to discover the universe works in mysterious ways and there was an incident with the train so regardless I would have been late this morning. But on my way I saw a rainbow and peonies :)

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