Saturday, September 29, 2012

Birthday Celebrations

Birthday celebrations started around the turn of midnight at Denny's with my God Brother CC and our friends. This tradition started four years ago- this our fourth. Every year it seems as though a friend joins us making it truly the more the merrier. This year out friend Will turned up unexpectedly to me. Our first two years we used to visit the Denny's on Scottroad in Surrey, the year before we went to the one on Ash, this year having closer to our new home for me and CC, In Burnaby.

Why did we start our birthdays at the turn of midnight was due to the fact four years ago, we were busy on the day of our birthdays - and the only available time we had was during the night before to the morning of our birthdays. Since then we have made this our tradition.

Will that night gives me a present and it's a beautiful pen that amazes me! rotating the pen and pressing down the top, will change the color of the pen tip. (yes I'm amazed by little things in life)

We go home full and sleep, and start our morning a few hours later. BJ goes to work today and I wake up later, fold and put away some clothes and clean up. Later on in the day I have a dinner with Chris and friends. We hired a special celebrity chef - Lisa Brown to cook us a fabulous dinner but the selection of restaurant to meet up at was strange. But the food by Lisa was some of the best soul food I would ever have in my life! Thank you Lisa!

after I got home to post images, turns out facebook has a bit of glitch.
Where Brian was Zoolander and I was Brian, in the photos of our profile.

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