Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Reunited and it feels so good :D

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I spent 6 hours flying from Vancouver to Montreal then taking a bus into the downtown core. I tell the bus lady I need to get off at Stadium station, and she tells me there is no such thing. :( So I used my personal judgement and the power of google maps to figure out where I needed to get off.
I also used visual cues as I could see the hotel I needed to get to from the bus. I get off and wait a few minutes in the mysterious city of Montreal to meet up with the bf.

I see him gladly approaching me with quickened steps as he got closer... and he hugs me to and says, "Welcome Home" :)

I love it, it was what I felt...even if I wasn't in the city that was "home." It is when I'm with him that I am. 
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