Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Decided To Take Chances

I've decided to take big chances in this 2010 year. I'm pushing forward in working on my online portfolio to bring in more freelance work. I will continue to do youtube videos to promote my art and show the world who I really am. I will blog my heart out because well, it helps me vent. This is basically my diary. except I don't write everything in it. I've built the two other blogs I wanted to, Clever Canary and I'm on the brink of fully launching Project_To: You. I asked for a raise at work and my boss says I definitely deserve it and will be receiving benefits as well this upcoming new year. I hope to paint more, draw more so the rest of my 26th year is filled with more artful adventures. I want to explore my own city more. That's why I purchased the city walks for Vancouver edition. I decided to drop my weight down to 100 pounds. After letting go of one of the greatest guys I've had the chance to come across in my life. ( Toronto Guy ). I realized that really great guys are a few if I let go of Great Vancouver guy, I might regret it. REGRET. I hate that word so much! I rarely regret anything I do because I weight out all the chances and risks before I do something. I've already told myself no regrets in what ever it is I do choose to do. Trying to let go of Vancouver Great guy, one I've been trying to let go of for years~! It's been very hard. Till I get enough courage to come out and tell him I want to be with him ( I don't know if it will be anytime soon ). I know that I don't want to go on into next year to continue NOT TRYING. I'll continue to focus on what I've been doing since coming back from Toronto. Building what I need to build. Giving up on what I need to give up. Loving me for the better, to smile. I realized that I hate feeling so unhappy about certain things so I put my energy into changing what it is that's making me unhappy so I can be happy.
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