Wednesday, December 30, 2009

If The Tables Were Turned

Someone commented and asked if the tables were turned. What would I do?
To be honest you have to realize something about me. I am very much a giver.
If my X bf fell for a best girlfriend of mine ( yes at first it would hurt and be weird )

My answer is. WHO AM I TO STAND IN BETWEEN THAT? I'm a Libra. I weight the circumstances. If this will only feel awkward for me, but they come to love each other so much that there maybe a possibility that they are soul mates. Or come to get married, or have something greater than I can ever come to find. WHO AM I? To say they cannot have that? just cause it would be weird for me to see them together. I'm giving enough to always want the person I love to find great love even if it is not with me. I would only disapprove for one reason. If I know if one of the two is disloyal. I will warn the other before they enter a relationship together but I would wish them all the best. I truly would.

I'm not trying to break a friendship. I would love to become friends again to a comfortable level with my X. I want to be able to look at him and his new girlfriend and be happy. Just because they are happy together.
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