Saturday, December 12, 2009

Reflecting and Returning To Me

I'm sniffling still as I'm at home. I was quite alright when I was out today. Mother nature clears up my sinuses and HOME just ruins it for me. I wrote Frankie a morning email, to thank him for everything. *sigh* I had to sum up a lot of courage and energy for that and of course I couldn't help to have tears streaming down my face in the process *sigh* when have I become so emotional when confessing my true feelings. I headed out to Metro today in search of a couple of things. I was there to pick up my Boyz To Men concert tickets, find the city walks Vancouver version because I thought, I did Toronto. I hope to return in the summer and do the rest that requires the nice sunny days. The Zoo, The Parks etc. But Vancouver, I've been to a lot of places in Vancouver but I know not everywhere. I walked into Sportschek to look for wall mounts for my snowboard to have them tell me they've never heard of what I'm talking about, I find it odd since it was there where I first saw them. *scrunch my face* . I meet up with Chris *God Bro* for lunch and to go with me to pick up some other things. We first hit up the food court that was crowded then the sushi place which had a line and then made our way to Big Boss Restaurant where we just grabbed an number. He told me about an acquaintance he met of a girl that resided in Toronto who was very forward with him after having just met him for 2 minutes through the internet. He goes on to tell me about these other girls and how they've treated him and I think to myself, are girls that horrible these days?! And I wonder how he's meeting them. How they are so rude and crude and self centered and pampered and wanting to know every last detail of a guy after placing them under a microscope and then judging them on all their bad flaws they come to see. Everyone has bad flaws after they've been placed under a microscope / interrogation! My question is, are there such things as flaws? I mean to some people some things are flaws where others don't see them as such. Flaws are only perspectives of our own definition of non-perfection and everyone has their own definition of perfection. I have learned and are trying not to judge people or to watch for their flaws as I interact with and get to know them. People will be who they are and are always ever changing. I see them for as they are and love them for what is good. If they have something that I find strange as others may think of them as flaws, I take them for what it is. It's just them being who they are. Who am I to tell someone they are flawed? I will always say that they can be better then what they are now. *ughh* That's just me though. I picked up some bath mats since the other ones that I had spent money on were thrown out by my older brother. I then head on over to get my tickets and soon after Chris and I go on our separate ways. I head home. I miss the bus by the time I got to the station so I head on over to the mall to kill time. The book store didn't carry the city walks, so I mosey to future shop, I treat myself to the KH new DS game when I should have gotten a memory card. Damn it. *sigh* maybe I'll head out and get that tomorrow, or something. I get home and play the game in awe of the great graphics that I see before me. I get bored of it forty five minutes to an hour later. I save and quit the game. I put on my other ipod which I had named pea.pod I'm listening to Tsuchie and I return to zen-ness.
I had been since returning from Toronto, was very sad and emotional. But I spent some time looking over my pics that I had yet to configure for my blog and post them. I should reflect since I have returned to me.

Confessions Of My Twelve Days In Toronto _ Thoughts.
Day One:
When arriving at the airport and when I saw Frankie again, I shied. I had planned to give him a big hug (which I did) along with a big kiss (which I chickened out on). I was simply very happy to see him. When he took me to the AGO, I felt bad for making him walk that giant gallery of a maze with me. He was such a sport of sticking it out with me. *heart touching*
Day Two:
There's really nothing about day two that I didn't blog about. It was a really nice relaxing day. I really enjoyed it. I realized I wasn't the only one that broke out into song when I heard a song over the speakers in a store. *refreshing*
Day Three:
I should have taken more of the street car as I explored the area. *sigh*
Day Four:
I met up with Linda *X's cousin* for lunch out on a spur of the moment when she called me. I felt awkward as I filled her in on what happened from my perspective of things of what happened between me and her cousin. What made it awkward was that she kept apologizing for the break-up, in all honesty there was nothing she needed to apologize for, she wasn't the one that had broken my heart. I did however thought this Vacation was to get away from Vancouver emotional hook-on events but I guess somethings can't be avoided.
Day Five:
Full transportation exploration! I realized that the transportation of the subway is actually very fast. I got the gist of it right after Frankie had drawn me a map of the subway tracks. I knew what direction was what. That was the day I understood how it all worked. I found it very convenient that I can travel from one end of the city to the other on 2.75$ Just as long as you move in one continuous direction. So going and returning is 5.25$. In Vancouver, it will cost you 5$ to get from one end of the skytrain track to the other (during rush hour) *not round trip*. Which means a round trip during rush hours (before 6:30pm) costs up to 10$. YAY, Vancouver for having a failed transportation payment plan. This day, I tied in pool with Sean. It was great to see Sanj again. She has always been a great friend since high school.
Day Six:
I cut out footage of me with a Fat Fat Squirrel. I got so lost doing the harbourfront tour. I realized soon after that the camera was touching my eye then my face and marking my face up with black spots. I filmed myself and realized I can't use some of the footage because my face was all messed up from make up smears. YES EMBARRASSING! Check myself before I wreck myself! LOL.
Day Seven:
I painted at night because well, Frankie was out for dinner. And it was just good timing. I realize how adorable he is that night.
Day Eight:
Science Centre Day, I wish we got to see more stuff there, Body world didn't really cut it for me. Damn it. I left hungry for more knowledge.
Day Nine:
Niagara Falls, I wish I had explored down to where I saw a couple that was close to water as they stood onto a giant rock on the water side. I was to shy to ask Frankie if he wanted to explore.
Day Ten:
The Green Mango has the best Mango and Papaya Smoothie EVER! Bloor street village will forever remind me of the quaint little shops that you come to love that just feels like a mountain of treasure inside them. :)
Day Eleven:
I was upset with myself for not realizing that a Tuesday was a bad day to visit gallery row. But I find my charm and I'm happy. St. Michaels is gorgeous and I come close to where Frankie had told me was Hooker Harvey area. Where all the prostitutes are.
Day Twelve:
ROM, you're so big. I had to speed walk through you and your levels. I traveled back in time and all over the world. Which was a nice experience. I learned everything from art history. But to see it before you and a whole different story. I wanted to touch EVERYTHING! (that was not in a glass case) I was sad to have to leave so soon.
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