Tuesday, December 01, 2009

T.O. Day Four. Walk Some More

WTF. of the day! Well I was walking about during the day when it hit 2pm on my phone. I look up to the sky and wonder why is it so dark, it's only 2! Then it clicks. I walk into a store to find out it's really 5pm! I gotta get back home quick!
I don't really feel like blogging tonight... Will do it more tomorrow :)
more exploring for me. :)

Okay time for me to finish the summary of my day four.
It started out with me walking down Spadina. I come across an old and sad looking park which from the CN tower looks very dead. =( it's very sad indeed, but here in Toronto, I seem to spot the fattest little squirrels I have ever seen.
I planned on exploring the other half of Queen Street, making it all the way to the city hall. As I was about to get there I get a call from Linda. She wants to do lunch and I say sure! cause I haven't seen her for months. I make my way to Eatons Centre cause that's where she suggested to meet. I fluke my way there cause I only have visual memory to rely on as I remembered from seeing a map earlier that day that the mall was located on the same street as the City Hall was located. After a little getting lost inside on where to meet her we head on outside to a close little restaurant called "Bowl" Asian Fine Cuisine. It was a little chic place on Yonge Street. We both order the House Mango Salad and I ordered a little spring roll on the side.
We walk on through Eatons Centre which in turns reveals to me it a pretty big mall. But I didn't stay long to shop. I wanted to explore the city a lot more. Linda heads on to King St. to meet up with her husband as I head back down Queen Street and look for the shops and take some pics of the city.

I snuck this shot of a little baby admiring the skaters on the rink infront of the new city hall. This moment, the surroundings made me fall in love with T.O. just a little more. :)

I was thinking of purchasing a hat at new era and thought I would find some vinyls there only to just find hats, lots and lots of hats. I went to David's tea and chatted up with cashier as I purchased something for my dad, since he's such a tea lover. She goes on to tell me that they opened a David's Tea in Vancouver. and my jaw drops. Oh well. I go on, and pet a pug in the shop and continue on my little exploration. I look at my cell and it tells me it's 2pm, I look back to the sky and think to myself that it wasn't right. I head on back to Sw pe where I purchase a City Walk guide of Toronto, I sneak a peek at the clock to find that it's 5pm and I gotta get back home before I end up locking Frankie out of his own place.
I hit up silver snail and I had a hit of a visual overload. At the end of the night I was dead tired. I did get to catch a shot of the CN tower of how it looks at night though. :) very nice.
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