Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy ♥ Day + Chinese New Year

This morning we made pancakes. Ingredients of which we shopped for at the grocery store the night before after having Chinese New Years eve dinner at my house with the parents, sister & fiance and brother. I made the pancakes this morning as he chops up the fruits that topped them. He tops off the pancakes with the fruits and cool whip whip cream. Later on in the afternoon we make chocolate chip cookies together. Bringing some over later on in the evening to the dinner with his family. Meeting his parents, grandma & grandpa, brother and two family friends. A warming experience I must say, to be so humbly welcomed. Grandma was especially adorable sneaking photos. She was so excited to have gotten a picture of Darren without him having made a face. ( He always seem to make faces in front of the camera. )

I learned two fishing knots today. One is tying two lines together and one a basic fishing knot when tying a line to a hook. We spent a little time making some hoochie lures. ( Fishing gear ) Helping him get ready for the upcoming fishing season.

I tried to edit some more video but turning 3 hours of footage into 3 to 5 mins is a hard feat. I guess video of the week will have to wait. Maybe I should edit footage from Bamfield. It's late and I spend it trying to editing, blogging while watching the ending of The Rock on TV.

Night world. Time for another work week of the corporate world.
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