Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Letty + Mia

I'm down and in a place right now where I feel as though I'm a bit empty.
My dreams feel like they are a bit on hold when they should never be. I should always be striving in the sense. Reaching for my goals. Everyone should be.

By the end of this spring I would like to have 3 oriental paintings completed. Ready for any upcoming art shows. I haven't been getting any news letters about art shows lately. I wonder why. I should sign up for some email updates and stuff for galleries around the city.

I have a personal debate right now.
Should I go get driving school lessons... or bike school lessons.
Should I save up to get a scooter or save up even more to move out.
Can I bump my 25 grand in my savings in 5 years "plan" to 3 years? or even 2.5?

So many little things have gone wrong this week. That I'm personally trying to overcome and not let these little things get me down. Like my package for my RAM upgrade not coming on time, or the extra expense I have to spend money on to up date my computer. The fact that I have the software to update my computer but I'm still waiting for the missing elements to do so. How a chain of events can lag one's progress. I know what I need to do, it's just all about getting there that sometimes are the most difficult hurdles to get through.
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