Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Little Busy Bee

I've been running around all day... but lets talk about yesterday.
Last night I finally uploaded to flickr pics from my Bamfield Trip there are a few shots I took of Steve and Connie as they were together.. ♥ I love those ones the best. And the footprints one... I like that one too.


Today I first called into a Sanyo Service center location... then I skytrain there only to find out that they don't take "digital camcorders" they consider anything that takes digital still shots a "camera". He gives me a number to call in and I skytrain from Rupert to Brentwood where I went to deposit money into my account at the bank, then I sat down and call the headquarters of Sanyo Canada to get see what I should do. My cammy is broken and I need it fixed. The operator I spoke with was so sweet! and helpful. I told him my problem and he said just send it in. Since the camera is fairly new. That it's free when they return it to me, I just have to send it to them. I spent a while at the post office wrapping up my cammy to send off, writing a little letter to the service centre on the back of the copy of the receipt that I placed in the box to ask them to take good care of it. I love my Cammy. I walk into electronic boutique to ask if they accepted used consoles cause I'm looking to get rid of my Nintendo Game Cube since I have a Wii, maybe I'll go trade in some games I don't want for a new Wii game. Well... they do and I walk out of the store happy. I walk on over to the bus stop to catch a bus to Metro, texting with Alex along the way... Alex...I never knew what a great friend he was until today...I've known him for more than ten years now, but it was today I found out he's one of the rare ones I've come across with a passion. I go in and get something to eat ... pretzels, I love pretzel balls at The Little Monk. I walk on over to Young Drivers...I'm signing up for driving classes. I spent the longest time looking for this place. I got an address and was still lost. Alex helped me out so much. I walk into an insurance store of the building to ask where Young Drivers is. The lady, trying to be funny says tells me that it's up and I need to jump to get there.... I look at her strangely like she's NOT funny. I think to myself...she doesn't know who she's talking to...cause this is so being BLOGGED! She laughs a little along with the ladies behind her at the desks and she then kindly tells me how to get to young drivers. I go up and go in only to find out how expensive it is...I did some research and was ready to go get 5 driving ... and they tell me if I sign for full package which is twice as expensive as the 5 driving lessons .. which also has in class sessions, and 16 in car lessons. I take all the information with me and now I'm leaning towards the more expensive package cause what these people can do for me in a couple of months is more than anyone has done for me and driving in 5 years. This is a big step for me...I have to sacrifice a month of saving for these courses if I take the bigger package...and a big commitment but it's something I have to do.

Oh on the bus to Metro I got to flip through a 24 hours to catch my horoscope.
"Sometimes the best lesson is to let go and wait a while."

Right now, in my life... That is so true.
I've let go of a lot of things at the moment...I've thrown my emotions a side for now and the hopes of "love" and I'm really focusing on me. What I really have to do. Cause if the stars are right. I'm capable of great things ( though I get easily distracted ) if I can channel my energy... I can make this year a great one for me. I know now, I just have to surround myself with the right people and know who my greatest friends are. I've always known that the greatest friends you ever have in life are not the ones that are there all the time, but they are there when they are needed the most.

I noticed one thing about myself which my brothers' book of birthday says which is very true about my personality.

I'm a very respectful person, loyal to people, till I'm disrespected to.
Now there are a number of ways to loose my loyalty. Abuse, lying, cheating, false accusations... Ugh I'm tired. I think it's one of the reasons why I probably don't get along with my father. Don't get me wrong, I love him cause he's my dad, but I don't respect him as highly cause well, sometimes I feel like he puts himself on this high horse, and talks to the rest of us like we're below him and we're all stupid. I've taken both mental and physical abuse from this man. He has disappointed me like others in my family at times, sometimes when it mattered the most to me. It's so sad for me to say, I've become so NON-dependent on others through out my life because of the fact that I don't know who it is I can depend on besides myself.

I was working on music today, having it full blast in headphones and my back to the door, is probably why I didn't hear my dad knocking on my room door to eat dinner. ( I wasn't hungry anyways at the time ). I tell him about driving school. [ He does what I predicts he will say ... that's it's a bunch of bull shit and that he's always been there and willing to teach me ( liar, I've had my learners for 4 years previous you've only asked me to go driving 5 times two of those times were in the last week. And plus yuo've given me the lecture of where your car is a work car and that I'm not supposed to be driving it talk. ) So I don't bother asking for him to teach me. ] I proceed to my room and he comes in and says he's frustrated with me all the time, he asks me... When ever I've asked anything of him he has always replied, is there any moments where I can think of that he hasn't?

I wanted to ask him, "Have you ever stop to ask what it is I want? Or how I'm doing?"
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