Friday, June 18, 2010


Driving lesson 2 was success. What did I learn. backing into a stall, driving in good following distance. Right and left turns at street lights. What else... I don't remember. I was so determined to back into a stall perfectly. I kept rolling onto the line.

I was working out. Cleaned some jewelery. And thinking.

Clicking. You know when people use that term. What does it really mean?
When you "Click" with someone. You gel and get along greatly. What happens if you get along just fine with a lot of people. What is that differentiating factor that makes one guy better than the other? I think all girls reasons and definition of what makes them believe "click" is all different. But I still think what are the qualifications that makes a girl say... "We just click."

I have yet to change my status on facebook. I'm going to be honest to say I kind of find it ridiculous to keep changing it. There isn't a status for people who are just dating. It's either single or in a relationship. There isn't an in between. The last time I fell out of a relationship I didn't even change it right away - the hassle of getting comments that I'm single again. And now that I'm in a relationship again I feel like I don't even want to bother. Then if I leave it unchanged other people will believe I'm still single when I'm not. Ugh whatever.

Clicking... clicking...clicking.
  • I have always believed in "the kiss". The kiss is a very intimate thing, soft, hard, forced, comfortable, uncomfortable, peck... however they are. A kiss tells a lot and when it's from the right person, I get tingles in my neck like ants are crawling around on my skin.
  • The hug, the embrace says more before it leads to the hopes of the great kiss. I've hugged a lot of friends. I squeeze my friends to let them know in a way that I do love them. But the right embrace hugs the body, heart and soul. When I want to just melt into his arms...There's something there.
  • Knowledgeable, yeah... I'm attracted to the smart ones. Ones that will state little facts for me. Or tell me something I don't know, it's pretty sexy.
  • Emotionally Communicative - there are a lot of guys that will rarely share with you their real emotions. Guy's don't do it because it makes them vulnerable. But when they are able to share with you what is really the thoughts behind their actions it saves a lot of time. *note* Guys are just as mentally confusing as girls. Girls are just more sure of their emotions than guys. Both sexes fall into the assumption that were all telepathic in some way when we aren't. Not everyone is able to pick up on physical hints or mental hints or what ever hints. Just say straight out what the problem is, because when you do you can address it more quickly.
  • The Look. There's a look when someone adores you. You not only see it, you feel it. They look at you and you feel like you're the only person in their world and no one else. You get caught up in the moment and you feel the same for them
  • Completing the others thoughts and words. Sometimes you're so in-tune with what the other is saying that you can complete their sentences and they can complete yours. If you think a like it makes it that much more easier.
  • The... "Oh F*&#K!" Moment. Where you say this to yourself because there's a moment you felt something... that 'thing' when you feel you're falling. Your heart just paused with time and you felt it.
  • The mirror effect. The love you give is reflected. The love you're looking for is given back to you naturally.
tomorrow is painting day... :)
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