Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Good Day To Go Shopping

Yeah I spent a lot of money today. But well worth it. I must say. Things I needed for myself and no more holding back. If today be the last day I live and I go to sleep and that's when I die. Then I had a good day. After work I headed to Metro to shop. I needed to get certain things off my chest. I went into Mac for the first time ever. The make up store. I'm going to be honest to say that every time I'm in front of make up displays I'm really like a deer caught in headlights. I don't know what's going on. There's way too much to choose from. I asked one of the workers there that I needed help in choosing a cover up. I had two big break outs from god knows what but they need coverage! Since I can't seem to pic colors on my own because the never seem to match my skin tone, so I left it to a professional. She was nice and helpful and found one that matches my skin tone. I buy 20$ cover-up and leave. Thanks Lauren!
I head on over to Chapters. My friend suggested to read "The artist's way." There were three versions! and I became lost. When I found the book and looked at the different versions, I picked one up that was a hard cover and apparently a 3 in 1 book. The artist's way apparently had installments. It looks like a bible. I hope it fills me with just as much inspiration to live better. I walk on over to the Cook-book area. I look through the Japanese books and the Chinese cook books I spot one that's gigantic. Fitting title. It's called "Mastering the Art Of Chinese Cooking" I had a quick flip through. Damn does this book have a lot of recipes. I got it. When I was at the counter the guy said that if I choose one more book I can get the fourth one free. I hesitate and I said I would return with more books. I go back to the cooking books and pick out the best well rounded Japanese cooking book. One that wasn't all about sushi. This one looks like it's filled with awesome other dishes like ram-en, udon and rice dishes. For my fourth book I picked out something I'd been eying for a while. Kama Sutra book. Yes I got a Kama Sutra book. I would like to learn the secret behind the great love and sex that has been around for hundreds of years that is the philosophy of Kama Sutra. These books were a pretty penny but you know what. They will advanced my skills in the long run. Turns out my dad approves of my cook book choice. He wants me to learn how to make these Chinese steam buns that are actually in the Chinese cook book! Awesome! I can't wait to cook some yummy stuff for people! Thanks Edward at Chapters for showing me a little concern when he thought the books maybe a little too heavy for me in just one bag. It was heavy, heavier than I thought but I made it home in one piece. :) last but not least place I went today was Michael HIll. I looked up the reason today why my ears had been bleeding time to time. Turns out I've been having allergic reactions to the nickle in the sterling silver earring studs I've been wearing. I like my big fake blings but they're fakes and cheap and making me bleed. I was helped by a man named Graham. I told him my situation and that it was time for new earrings. He showed me a couple white gold, and yellow gold earrings studs. I leaned more on the white gold. He even let me take a look at pretty big diamond earring studs ( note real diamond earring studs have screw in studs so you don't loose a couple G's that easily ) He was funny how he cooly said.. Oh they are just 10 thousand dollars. I was like... Ohh that's fine, I'll come back for them after I win the lottery. and we both had a good laugh. I said it didn't really matter about the size of the stones. I wanted something simple classy for work and going out. I asked to look at some hoops and fine a small pair that look perfect when he first grabbed them. He offers to clean my rings as I wait and looked around some more. I checked out the other ones but they weren't "me". He comes back with my rings all nice and shinny. One ring I had cleaned up just the other day and he made it .. look almost new! He even suggested when I had the time to stop by and he would do the sides for me next time. He didn't fully polish it because he didn't want me to stand and wait there forever. I was out there a bit. I tell him I want the hoop ones as he hands me over my rings. He said that my choice matched nicely with my rings. He was right. He asked me what I do for a living and I told him. And he even asked for a card. He then tells me about a store he owned / owns I don't remember - called "You And Who's Army?" ( I just read up on how it came to be ) but it was a clothing store and art gallery. Wow totally awesome. He says he's moving to the island soon to be the manager of the Michael Hill there in Victoria. I have to trek it down to Victoria one day to visit him, he said he'd buy me a coffee if I did. Plus I've been to the island but not Victoria. I left after shaking his hand. He made my experience shopping today very heart warming. Thank You Graham.
Time for me to head downstairs to design something for some event. I'm a couple chapters away from finishing "the greatness guide"
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