Saturday, June 05, 2010


LOL ... just a couple blogs back I said unsatisfied as a title... but this time I'm talking about my wardrobe which I now I feel like my wardrobe is practically GOOD, actually I'm going to get rid of some outfits I realized don't look very good on me. at all. or at least the skinnier now me. I walked in to spring shoes today at lunch looking for white heels to my surprise they had a few! and I was glad to find a pair that was simple and nice and pointy and not too high and not too flat ( flats I learned are bad for me! I'm very used to heels )I returned after work to try one one and purchased them.

I've had two instances yesterday of getting guys saying hello to me as I was on my jog. One today when I was making my way to spring shoes. One thing is I had NO IDEA what any of them were saying to me so I end up smiling and waving them off and go on my way. I didn't know what any of them were saying because I had my ear buds in and I was listening to music. Today however I did stop and turn and ask what he had said and still the young man was a bit too far away from me to hear what he was saying. I gesture I can't hear him and smile wave and walked away.

Well I'm pretty excited to make my way to Calgary :) I'm accompanying someone there but it's really great to hear that today his car got featured on the Driven show site. I'm so proud of him! I know he's spent a lot of time and money on making her (his car) beautiful. I can't wait to get a couple shots of her in her prime! It will be good practice for my photography at the car show for sure! I wonder what I'm going to pack there to wear.

Abs Diet Update: haven't lost any weight but losing fat and gaining some muscle I feel it. back on eating more healthy. I seem to be breaking what I eat to eat with others because that's the only way of me showing that I care for them.

I should finish my book... just a couple more pages. Love as a way of life. I think some of my friends should benefit from reading it.

The guy I'm seeing says I may over think things... I don't over think things. I over feel things. I rather over think things and be aware than one who doesn't think at all.
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