Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Angel Theory

I've had this theory for a while. Wondering what life's all about. I generally believe that we are all good people. ( Yes I have a lot of hope in humanity ) . This is my angel theory, I think I blogged about this before but I'm not too sure. This is just what I think. We were once all angels. Angels are ultimate beings, we have to be wise and understand everything that happens in the universe. When you know everything in the universe you tend to forget and lack other things - for example, emotions. If you know and understand everything, you fear less in the world. Your compassion may even lack because you have the ability to see all choices and view points of every situation. Sometimes when you know too much, you forget the little things that do matter. As a great being you could have looked upon the world and saw a young couple in love. You turned to God in your ultimate form and asked ... "God, they look so much in love, I am happy for them, yet it's been so long I have forgotten how it is to love so innocently and believe the world is good." God smiles at you and then BAM! you're re-born in this world to just experience that emotion that will make you feel so in-love and all is good. This moment comes and BAM! you die.

I don't know what my purpose on earth is, but I will act through my ultimate form. Be as understanding as I can be, lead with that and not always with emotions. Love and feel compassion. Leave little to fear. Let me experience what it is I'm here to experience and be happy that it's happens. I don't want to die and end up going to Heaven with more questions than answers. I want to look God in his face - and say, "Thank You" - Not - "Why?!"

If WHY?! is what you would ask him. He'll keep putting you through the same situation. A great teacher doesn't give you answers, but questions. And when they do, they provide you many different answers only to have you to discover the right one on your own.
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