Thursday, July 08, 2010

Arrive Surprise!

What up Blog! Puhahaha! Yeah... I'm a dork. Anyways yesterday I woke up at 4am! and couldn't go back to sleep. Yes I'm blogging today at work because I have time and I'm not hungry and what else can I say besides the fact that I'm falling asleep sipping on red bull. Watch - my system is so going to get used to this stuff that it just won't work on me anymore. Wait- if I'm falling asleep while drinking the stuff does it mean that it doesn't work anymore on me? Anyways. I woke up. Did my meditation. Surfed the net. Made breakfast. Did laundry. Got ready for work and left. All in the morning. I guess when you wake up early you get more stuff done. The whole point of rising up early. I was excited to see Ry the whole day. I had secretly planned the last few days with his little brother and best friend to be there when he landed at the airport from his 3 week trip extravaganza in Europe. [ Wow... I want to go to Europe one day and soak up all the culture and art! I would be so inspired when I came back... I would then want to paint my life away. Now that's life! ] At work my friend convinced me to print out a sign of Ry's name. Big! and taped together ( He had also suggested with pink glitter and sparkles ). - Work was work - After work I skytrained down to Oakridge Mall to meet up with my god bro Chris for dinner in Richmond. While waiting for him I walked around, asked the customer service if the mall had any stores like Hollister or Abecrombie ( they got some nice hoodies I love ) - she said no and that I had to try maybe Pacific Centre. Chris and I went to Richmond and had dinner. ( Ry's little brother and friend were adorable to ask if I needed a ride to the airport - I love sweetie guys! ) Anyways ... Me and Chris went to this bubble tea - cafe / restaurant. Twinkle 2. I had a drink called first love and meal that was crispy salted chicken rice. It was good by the way. I didn't take any pics... I should have. I was chatting with Chris about how walled up I used to feel him to be. To be honest... yesterday was the first time I felt so much *no wall* from Chris as we talked about everything and relationships and letting go. There were moments where I can see him recalling situations that wanted to bring tears to his eyes but truth be told. He has to let go in order to accept the good things that want to come into his life. He says he wants to date again and is ready. He's trying ( I do see this ) to let go and forgive. I asked him can he even forgive the hurt that was caused to him by all these girls. He says 'some' ... mmmm I wonder if he is ready. He's in the mid stage where believing ... he's going to have his epiphany moment soon and realize what it is he really needs to do to let go, forgive, thank, and be thankful of who he has become today. That everything in the past mounts to who you are at this moment, you can't be anymore stronger and wiser than you will be tomorrow if you didn't face what you had to today and yesterday. He has to learn this on his own. He has to be fully happy with all the moments that has happened no matter how horrible they were. They built you to who you are today. How can you not be happy with that? If you carve your destiny, the last thing you want to do is doubt yourself and your own future. Your own heart should love you, past - present - future. Be thankful [ there are far more worst situations out there being lived than the one you are so pampered with... more than you know. ] Be thankful that your life is filled with so many opportunities provided to you, when you see this - everything else will seem to fall into place. Know the sacrifices you make and the possibilities of the gains that come from them. Don't fear the risk, risk the fear. [ OMG - that is an awesome quote ] It's what I was doing when I decided to go and surprise Ry at the airport. Not only one - two - or three people had told me that this would be a bad idea. More than a few had said I may be putting myself way too out there too fast too soon and my chances of crashing and burning may not be worth the risk. [ Yo, crazymakers - stop doubting the love I have for this relationship! I'm not listening to you... just because you're afraid I'm going to crash if it doesn't work out... I rather love with all I got cause I feel he's worth it. I'm willing to risk me crashing to make him feel what I feel. Grateful. Thank you very much. ]  I went. Chris dropped me off at the airport. ( one of the people that said no to doing what I was doing ) I had asked him to wish me good luck. He said luck had nothing to do with what I was doing. -_- *FACE* . I said - fine... then wish me well. He did. [ You should be blessing people, not holding them back on what they feel to be right in their hearts. ] I met up with Ry's little brother and his best friend Phil there are the arrival area. We chatted for a bit. Ry's flight was delayed. He was first to come out and I was standing behind a sign ( that was there by sheer coincidence ) that blocked his line of site to me. I was looking else where when I noticed him from the corner of my eye and dodged back behind the sign. His little brother waves over to him and he walks over. I prop up my name sign over the sign that is blocking me. Ry walks around, and I use the name sign to cover my face for a couple seconds. I remove the sign away from my face and see his eyes go into a state of surprise and a shock surprise smile goes onto his face. SUCCESS! Ry's little brother caught his shock surprise smile on film. ♥  he even did a little commentary to the footage which was really adorable. Anyways ... my reward for this surprise was greater than the risk. Can I really say that? I dunno if I should but I will. The moment was great moment and memory that was made and that's what really matters... isn't it?

Although we didn't passionately kiss ... it was a kiss after a long absence.
LIFE GOAL: #91. Passionately Kiss In Public, After a long absence.
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