Thursday, July 22, 2010


I remember why I don't go bathing suit shopping cause I'm totally clueless. It's like me looking at a make up wall. I might as well be a deer caught in headlights on a dark dark road.

I felt so lost when trying these on in the store. I said out loud "I'M SO LOST!" in the changing room... I wonder what the changing room lady thought when I said that. o_O . I fail at girlie girlie things like make up shopping and bathing suit shopping. Really.. I do! My tom-boyish me comes out and I'm just... LOST.

Seriously - I came out with three. There's major sales going on I probably spent no more than 60$ on three bathing suits all together. *NO LIE*

I'm gonna be wearing these out and now I take another look at them... the white one just looks like I'm wearing a white sports bra and panties. The black one... OMG my stomach is SO WHITE. Last but not least this fun little piece... I'm wondering... am I wearing it right? SERIOUSLY!

ewwww. I hope I tone my tummy a little more before hitting the beaches. MAN I better hit the beaches ... I'm so fricking WHITE!
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