Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Morning

Well... it's official I love waking up next to him and being in his arms.
Anyways roller hockey yesterday was rough! I don't think I've fallen or been hurt so much in a game unlike that one. I took two shots on the body ( That's what I get for playing in front of the net. ) One to the butt and one to the leg. When tried to dodge someone I end up running into Trevor head on. I see him coming and I try to brace myself as much as I can. I feel the right side of my ribs cage in, air leave my chest and I find myself trying to breathe, just breathe. My first attempt was a fail as hard as I was trying to but when I was on the ground I just wanted to get up as fast as possible and when I did I skated to the bench.

I get to Ry's house, shower and eat dinner and watch some tv before bed.
I'm home now and my body is SO SORE. oh yeah, Ry's mom is a super cook. Falling in love with her cooking. Eat it get fat and then go play some hockey to regain my body. I don't know, my body has been feeling tight as in .. toned more when I wake up in the mornings. I feel smaller than I was for sure a year ago.

I don't really know where Ry and I's relationship is gonna go. I feel like I'm in the middle of something so grand and randomly bringing someone into my life for the ride. I love being with him. He's far better company than some I've had this past year ( I shouldn't say that.. that's so mean ) I guess he's made me felt more complete than some others have tried to. Personally I feel we have a lot on our plates personally as separated individuals. I don't want to distract him or take him off road from his dreams as for me, I obviously have more responsibilities on my plate of late. I don't tend to de-rail from my path, I'm simply hoping he's the one to join me for the most of this ride or whatever is left of it. I'm feeling too many De-ja-vu's with Ry to ignore. I feel he's someone of much significance in this life time of mine. I laughed this morning at Ry as I was watching him on the computer. He asked why I was laughing. I said I was thinking back to before we ever met in person. How he was wondering if I would make this online banner for him ( I did it in a couple of hours and simply handed it off to him. Saying something like he's to pay me back with a dinner or something. ) Little did I know we'd end up together.

For some reason I feel time with Ry - will be one with events. He tells me some of his friends want to meet me .. why not. If some of his friends feel like they want to spend time together ... lets have some events together. To me ... it's not a big deal meeting new people. I actually try to make it a goal to at least meet someone new every week. Like yesterday the guy who took our roller hockey team photo. Ed.

I'm realizing my bad habits and trying to break them. To change. For the better I hope.

Dreams to record and get out of my system:
The proposal - We arrive in a condo / hotel size room. The room is dark with the window curtains open to floor to ceiling windows that over look to the night sky and city lights. A romantic set up is there for me. It is in this setting he asks me to marry him.

The meeting of families:
A secret is put out in the open. I'm embarrassed at my family that they are so blunt and unaware of the consequences of their words and actions and accusations. There is a chance of my family causing another family to suffer through their words, one I can only apologize with words for.
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