Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Little Fly

There's a fly buzzing around in my room trapped. Lets see if I can coax him out of my room.*goes out side in the hall* *leaves room door open* *turns on hallway light* *turn off bedroom light* *fly flies into the hallway* *shut off hallway light* *enter room* *close bedroom door* *turn on bed room light* SUCCESS. You know what the little fly did remind me of what's written in "The Secret". That if you don't believe that someone so small like you can make a difference in a world so big... try sleeping in a room with a mosquito / fly. That theory made an impact on me.

Funny story for you. Today I walk into the washroom, two of three stalls are taken. I go into the last remaining free one. *ugh* Someone didn't flush properly! or courtesy flush during their deed! I flush with my foot, the water rises a bit... damn it it's! I have to now wait for the one of the other two to finish before I get a chance to use the toilet. I get the middle stall ( the right stall is the clogged one ) in the middle of .. what ever I was doing some girl walks in and flushes the already water high filled toilet causing it to over flow and halfway in my stall... ARE YOU STUPID?! if the water has risen to a certain point in the bowl you know it's not flushable and it's clogged!  Thank God I have pretty good reflexes cause I raised my feet just in time. Yes I took a pic cause this was my WTF moment of the day! maybe it was partly my fault to be the person that tried to flush it before.

There's been something I've been wanting for a while. That is... HIGH TOPS simple black and white ones. I got one in black and one white pair... why two at one time. It saves me the trouble of returning and getting another pair of shoes. I went to Metro and hit up Nike, they had this one before but not really high tops but in my heart I knew I would find it today and if I were it would be at Footlocker. And I did, I didn't care how much I was dropping because I need to get rid of the skater shoes I have cause the gods honest truth, the skater shoes I have are... just not me! They were my X's style that I'd come to absorb in the style of shoes, I have always found it a little weird as I wore them. Now I'm all about defining and finally getting what it is I want and like and what I'm all about. My shoe collection feels complete now to be honest. I've always wanted white heels and black ones. Now I got the high tops I've always wanted... I wonder what else am I missing... maybe just a good pair of runners... ahh that can come later I can wear out the Asian Croc runners I'm using now. Clothing wise the only thing I really really want in my wardrobe collection is a nice white simple summer dress and a new bathing suit.

This morning I was thinking of Sundeep my friend. As I was in Metro looking around for any sexy clothing I get for this summer he texts me to meet. I leave asap to make our meet. We always end up talking for hours. We feed off one an other energy just by... talking about what we feel, believe and striving for... what's been happening in our lives... crazy experiences. In some ways we find inspiration from one another. We push one another to continue our pursuit of our dreams. I wish everyone had that, I try to be that for some people as best as I can be.

Fantastic Chris is calling me out on a late night foodie goodie run..... gtg get ready.
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