Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Loving With Everything

I wrote this title for today's blog but never finished writing it. I mean didn't even start. I'm currently reading the artist's way. A book that is meant to spark and unblock me as an artist that is currently stuck. I would say I have no inspiration... when I shouldn't have to say that. Tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day! Ry is flying in back from out of town. I can't wait to see him. My heart... it feels like I'm a kid waiting on Christmas..and tonight's Christmas Eve.

Some people have already warned me about how "desperate" I may seem to jump at things with this relationship. I look from their perspective and they may seem right. I may be loving too much too soon but a part of me wonders. How could that be wrong for me to do so? I should always give what I feel I also deserve. Things I choose to do in the spur of the moment are now more from the heart than from thought. With love ... thoughts usually bring doubt to the heart but the heart brings hope to our thoughts. Things I choose to do are decided like this. I wake up in the morning and it is the last day I live, last day to love, last day to do anything. An opportunity to do something you have never done before arises. Would you not choose to do that something before the chance passes you by? I wonder... when will I ever get the chance to do anything like that ever again? Last day to live ... remember. Make it memorable. And the thing is with Ry.... anything we've done together have always had some kind of unforgettable moment. I mean we already have some amazing weird and wonderful stories with one another and we haven't been together for that long. Since our first date it's been different. It's a little wonderful to be honest.

I'm loving with everything because I rather have give with all I got when I can. In the now... because tomorrow is not always guaranteed.
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