Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Body Is A Temple & God Lives In Me

There are a lot of bad things that I've chosen not to do through out the years. I've never been drunk and never done drugs. I truly had the train of thought that my body is a temple. Some people don't get this line when I tell them this - it's how I treat my body - to be honest I don't think I ever was in the right mind of state to even explain what it means. It has to do a lot with my thoughts of God. For all those that don't know me, well a lot of people don't know me - but that's not the case - I'm not any religion. I was born to a Christian mother and Buddhist father in a Muslim Country and when I grew up in Vancouver I attended a Catholic school. I'm neither God-less nor faith-less - just religion-less. I do however believe in certain things. I believe in angels. I consider these spiritual beings my sisters and brothers. I can be found praying to them once and a while or caught talking to them, seeking guidance. A part of me strongly believes they are around us all the time, overseeing the little things that happen in our lives. [ I had an experience years ago playing around with some spiritual game... I asked how many levels of guardian angels there are ( not knowing anything about angels )... the reply I got was seven... I researched this after to find that there are claims seven hierarchy of angles ( not all are guardians ) . how is this possible? I asked some other questions too but I don't remember the answers .. but I did learn from this 'spirit' that I was communicating with that there are different angels for different things. For health, for love, for safety. Like us human beings we have people who do different jobs, they are no different. ] There is another reason why I believe in angels so much. I was born on a day where others have patron saints I have three archangels. Apparently it's also the day of all angels. OK. OK. Lets get to the point. I strongly believe that God is like scattered energy. ( I've also read the bible. Compared the new testament and old, I prefer the old. The new one tries to point out EXACTLY what the bible is trying to say when the old English / leaves things more on the open mindedness of thinking. ) But the bible says that God is in all things and everyone. [ Note: this is something I believe a lot of people forget even Christians and Catholics and what ever Religion ] ... If God is in all things then I should be respectful to many, appreciate - and be thankful. If God lives in me then I should worship him / her... Making my body a temple. If I take drugs or drink alcohol. Doesn't that mean I'm also poisoning not only my body but God as well? ( If all things went wrong. If I don't know my limit, If I over dose or if I over do it with the alcohol - the consequences of when my God dies ( If I die ) will cause others grief - cause a sadness in a lot of people. That's one thing I want to control that I don't want to purposely do this to others. When Death comes to me, it is something I can't control, but what I can control is me inviting Death to come. [ Does that make sense? ] . In my May Month of Change - I realized that me losing hope and faith in love was losing hope and faith and love in God, hence losing hope, faith and love in myself. [ Note: you should never ever lose faith, hope and love in yourself. Not Ever. You do and you're digging your own grave. You are building your own walls - isolating your true self from the world- lying to yourself. ] I was talking to my friend today. I was concerned for my god brother. The other week he used the "fagot" word in my presence - It offended me greatly. I don't know why but it just did. I've been angry with my God brother lately to the point where in my head I'm thinking as though I want to punch him in the throat. Why? - So maybe, just maybe he will listen, TRULY listen to what I'm trying to tell him. How my heart is praying that it's not too late. I'm currently trying to break down the walls around his heart. A little sense of hatred I've been feeling from him, and how he hides who he really is when he's with women ( he's admitted this to me as well ) He's been heart broken by some girls in his life and this hurt has caused this protective wall to come up when it comes to any women in his life. ( maybe not all but most. So much so that even someone like me - whose known him for more than ten years is feeling the front of it. ) He offended me when he used 'fagot' in an insulting way [ I don't believe anyone should use this term at all ] but I was offended by how he was speaking. A very large part of me had already thought he was a bigger person than this. That him throwing that term around so loosely didn't show me anything but a sense of childish anger. I wanted to say to him ( who's a Catholic ) What's wrong with you? Do you not know what you're saying is so hurtful? ... [ Believing we are all children of God - that we have a higher being as a parent. ] I wanted to say to him that he wasn't representing Dad very well. Hence... he wasn't representing himself very well that night. What you say, how you act, and how you treat yourself should be as though you're treating God. To be honest we have very God-like powers. We have the ability to make life and take it away, we make choices that change lives of our own and others around us. We have the ability to do so much ... it's God-like. We may not have superpowers but we do have power to do something for ourselves, others and for those yet to come.

My body is a temple. I will love myself as a God because she lives in me. I will treat her well, feed her well and love others because God lives there too. I will meet other Gods, shake their hands, admire them, forgive them, thank them and continue to learn my powers as a God along this experience of life as a mortal.

Wouldn't that be an interesting theory? We are all born Gods into a mortal world, re-claiming our powers unknown as we continue to grow - building ourselves back to the point of immortality? If you find yourself asking WHY ME? You question God. Why God? We are all here for a reason. He / She would look upon us when you ask why. The answer would be because you still have yet to see. When you do see what it was all about, you'll laugh.. You'll smile, you'll be happy and you'll thank God for everything you once questioned why. Everything we ever go through ( the joys, the good, the bad, the heartbreak, the lives and deaths, the experience ) is for us to learn [ learn! ] Our limits, Our Dreams, Our Love, Faith .. to learn who we are .. and who we're meant to be. A lot of people ask what it's all about.. stop asking questions and look for the answers.. it's right in front of you. Nothing is meant to be easy or hard, it's just meant to be. How it's experienced or interpreted is all with in your view point and how receptive you are to what is all around you.

*whispering* Hey God...*close eyes* *looking into myself* *smiles* I want to make you proud.
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