Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sprained Ribs

I finally went to go see a doctor today after 9 days after my injury. I haven't been on here forever because well nothing really to blog. Oh maybe some. I will use a photo from which I took when I was with Ry at his photo shoot for his car. This alley is in Vancouver behind the Scientology building on Hastings. Ry's photo shoot is for a magazine that it's going to be featured in. Awesome? no? It was really cool cause I our first location was in Richmond and I got to get shots of these guys who were doing tricks on their bikes. With the sun going down in the background.

Anyways... yup photography kinda felt good to take come great photos! but today I finally went to the doctors this morning to go get checked. Why did I choose today. Well I didn't wake up feeling so uncomfortable breathing than this morning. I kept feeling a bit uncomfortable most of the day. It started to make me upset a but to be honest that I felt a little uncomfortable pain when I try to open the door, or get up from bed - or rolling over in bed - or getting up from my desk. I'm learning how to get around my uncomfortable pain that I'm getting but the one that gets me is the breathing. When I take too deep of a breath I will feel it - and me having gone through feeling uncomfortable for a while being sick in my own body - yeah it does upset me that I'm feeling another uncomfortable physical distress - I guess can be the only way to describe it. I sat in the walk in clinic on Commercial for a bit to and saw the doctor for her to press here and there to tell me.. I sprained my ribs like a person sprained their ankle. There isn't much I can do but rest and give it time. REST?! I'm upset at the fact that I won't be playing any more especially our play offs for roller hockey. I don't know I'm just upset at how I feel I guess. But I need to focus. I'm taking a week off from reading and just doing other things. I baked a bit last week I did. Some muffins for breakfast and lunch. Blueberry muffins were so good. I should make some more this week. Time for sleep. It's been rough fighting off the dog at night with this injury.

G'night world.
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