Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tasks - Artists Way - Question and Answer

1. Describe your childhood room. To be honest I didn't really have a childhood room. I lived in a basement in Vancouver. Shared a bedroom with my brother, sister and mom. It was a pretty big room. What was my favorite thing about it? Nothing really to be honest comes to mind. What is the favorite thing about my room now? I think I love my room now cause it's mine, it has the embodiment of me.

2. Five traits I like in myself as a child. Stronger imagination. Speaking Freely ( no matter how stupid the words that are coming out of your mouth, you're listened to and at the same time ignored because you're a child. Now you're an adult, your words are listened to - some ignored but more listened to. ) . Wonderment ( you're more amazed at things if you see the world as a child. ) . Acting Freely ( Being and having fun and not worrying about other peoples judgment. No Fear) a FUN-maker ( I remember always creating new games and trying to get everyone involved. The years of childhood backstabbing have taken a toll on me and friendships in trying to be the fun-maker. )

3. Five childhood accomplishments. Good Grades . Artist award in the 7th grade . Created an awesome mosaic in the 5th grade. Got to read one of my poems to a crowd of people.

Five childhood favorite foods . Popsicle. Jello. Danish ( There's this danish that I loved to eat as a kid, I simply have not found it again.. I have great taste memory ) . Grandpa noodles. BBQ pork buns & Dim sum ( I don't admit when I do eat dimsum it brings me back to when I was a kid. )

4. Three obvious rotten habits. Killing time doing nothing watching tv & eating ( no reward, just wasting time ) . Travel time doing nothing ( on the train I now try to have a book or the paper ) . Messy ( no reward.. just lazy to clean )

Three Subtle Foes . Isolation ( I try to make it a good habit of seeing a friend every week .. I've been keeping this goal since starting it and noting it some time back ago in a blog entry ) . No time for Meditation ( I don't do this enough. I love my sleep and just waking up early is so hard to do ... I know it should be a good habit to get up early to get more stuff done ) . Verbal practice ( I'm a pretty big potty mouth, but I've been trying to cut it down and be a good girl )

5. List Three Nurturing Friends. Sundeep ( I see his ups and downs and he speaks about it and mine but he assures me that we will always rise to where we ought to be and that's on top ) . Frankie ( although we don't talk anymore or as much... it was only after our friendship came to a close I realized how nurturing he was to my creativity. He would always say, "DO IT!" or ask "Why?" in the context of why aren't you doing it? And from him I felt he was trying to push to me that anything is truly possible. All the resources are out there. He was right. ) [ WOW THIS IS HARD! now that I know to differentiate crazymakers ] . Ry ( he has the positive heart that will stand by you and celebrate the good things. When I said I was going to paint when he was away he was happy and was glad to hear it. I want to have the kind of happy heart again, one that absolutely loves the simple things in life even just at one piece of art. )

6. Call a friend that treats me like I'm really good and bright person who can accomplish things. LOL. That's Sundeep to me! I text him... hahahaa

7. Inner Compass: I played hockey... got hurt but I still love it. mmmm Hurt.. ahahaha jkjk. I like cheering, supporting my team.

8. Five people I secretly admire DJ ( I have a friend DJ that I secretly admire. He's a good looking guy, keeps himself fit and motivated and helps people. One of those... knows how to let loose and have fun... I admire that cause I want to be able to just let loose and have fun. My family upbringing coming from my dad is always watch what you say and do because your image matters so be classy and mature and what not. So I haven't done a lot of daring things in my life. ) . My brother and sister ( they made a choice to go out and be independent from day one in high school as where I made the choice to take care of family and home matters. I very much admire their independence from my parents but the truth is that they had to, our parents weren't the WORST parents but they weren't the BEST either. ) . Kero ( one of my friends who I see as a big sister. I see her has a very independent woman who's very strong and strong willed. She smart too and business minded. I like that about her. ) Ry ( I once said he was important. he's a nurse. I hold true to this notion because he sacrifices when he works and he's doing a job where you help people. I truly believe being a nurse is a self sacrificing job. You give a lot of you in that line of work and it's admirable to me. I mean if you look back to the days of old, it's those people who mattered in the worse situations. The Police, the soldiers, the doctors, the nurses, the firefighters, the ambulance people. These are self sacrificing jobs - mentally and physically. I don't hold anyone that does any of these jobs in low regards at all. These people in their line of career help the lives of so many people in a fraction of their lifetime, so much more than the average person would ever do in a whole life time )

9. List five people who I'd wish I'd met but are now dead. Bruce Lee ( he's just a legend and how much he's done for the Asian Americans of today. The quality I see in him is knowledge of the world ) . My art teachers teacher ( I would love to learn from the master himself what my teachers were taught. Closer to the source of where it all started. He had the determination to pass on the art ) . Michael Jackson ( even though he was corky, I don't know why I saw a lot of purity from him and his heart. I felt it in his words, saw it in his eyes and his actions. ) . Princess Diana ( I would ask how she does it with so much chaos around her ) . Mother Teressa ( I would try to find out how she's able to give so much of her ).

10. comparing what I like to what I admire. I admire the Great, Loving, Giving and Passionate. I'm trying to give myself up to these traits. It's hard. But I'm working on it none-the-less.
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