Saturday, August 21, 2010

Climbing Through Pain

How on earth do I recall the chain of events from yesterday? Lets see. I woke up pretty early in the morning to get ready for my first Grouse Grind. My dad wakes up to me surfing on the web, all dressed to go and eventually asks where I'm going. I tell him and he says I shouldn't spend my time doing such random stupid things. [ Just last night he said I should look up some books on how to keep friends. ] I'm telling you.. what a wonderful father to have, right?! - Anyways - My friend Ed comes to pick me up. Well not really, cause he's helping me get my driving practice hours in and I did all the driving with him. It was really funny doing Grouse Grind with Ed. Why? because me being the little whiner that I am and weakling - he was chirping in my ear the whole time that we were almost there. Saying random stuff. A lady even asked as she passed by questioning if we were a couple and we both replied 'no'. She said "Oh, okay, cause he's really mean to you." LOL. My reply was.. "I know, but his magic doesn't work on me." LOL . Ed's a nice guy. I see his thoughtfulness. A rarity you know in guys. See Ed's one of those guys that would hold things for a lady - ME - I'm not used to that. My first reaction when guys do this for me is - What the hell? what are you trying to take from me?! - Hostility - when in reality it's really weird for me to come across true NICE guys. At my age and I'm learning how to get used to gentlemen of our generations because I've come by them so rarely. Anyways did I tell you I hurt my back going up the climb before I even hit the 1/4 of the hike marker. I keep at it and I make it to the top and I film a little and also take some pics. we make our way down via gondola and I drive us back into the city. I take Ed to Sushi Town on Hastings and order us a big lunch. I even got Ry some take out. On the way driving to Ry's house I realized how many bad drivers we do have in Vancouver. How upsetting. I had the right of way at the T stop intersection and still they turned before me. When I go to Ry's place and walked in his room it was a total surprise! He'd moved his furniture around just to the way we hand planned it to be, but he did all the hard work of moving the furniture. I kinda feel bad for not helping.

Later on that night my evening was dinner out with my god brother and his friends at a Restaurant named Coast on Alberni and Burrard. The atmosphere was pretty good, seems to be a popular place. The food was cooked just right but as for seasoning / flavor. Just needs a hint of something there. There's something about me. I'm pretty chill when coming to paying for food - I am willing to shell out a pretty penny for good food. FOOD - is an essential, good food is hard to come by. Good food that's cooked right is hard to come by. If something is right about the food and price is only thing that is the bother, I won't really complain. If food at a restaurant was shit and it was over priced. I would complain. Me... I hate talking about money, but if someone complains about price and food only because of it's portion. I'm sorry, you can go fill yourself with badly cook food that's over proportioned and stop chirping in my ear. Yes it bothers me when people do that. Say it once, don't announce it. Thank You.

After dinner Ry takes me to go get something for my pain before we pick up his baby brother at his work before heading to night market. On the way to the night market we discover that most of Vancouver is in a major grid black out. Ugh - I was on a mission when I was there. I wanted to find the light saber the little kids had but yet I couldn't find it. I got a heart light up shirt to film one of my upcoming videos. I also purchased a mini hat that reminds me of the ones that we used to have when me and my sister were kids. I'd probably give it to her if she wants it. It's pretty interesting to watch Ry's relationship with his little brother. There's one thing you can always tell when you observe someone's interaction with their younger siblings or relatives how they would be as a parent. Ry's attitude to be honest with his baby brother is no different. I think about certain things that would probably let think is it parental attitude or big brother attitude? When the parent's don't know what to do they call Ry to handle it. The truth is, if something did happen to the parents, Ry would be the only one that has to take responsibility of the baby brother. Ry's the only one who's old enough, out of school and has a career, as his other adult siblings are still finishing up school. But even I see that Ry has a good family. No matter how baby boy sees that he needs his independence, he's got a good family that's there for him when needed. Especially Ry who seems like he is willing to stand up when he is needed. I've told baby boy that he shouldn't feel like he needs to do too much on his own and that he can rely on Ry. - WTF - story of the night. I walk into the washroom. I'm in stilettos by the way from dinner. They get stuck in the plastic floor coverings in the washroom and my feet slip out. How disgustingly embarrassing. I had to pull my shoes out from being stuck by hand, slip on back my shoes. Wash my hands twice before leaving again. I wanted to wash my feet in the sink but that would be so.. RUDE. We leave the night market with food and head on home. With the power restored. :)
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