Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Good Friends

Good friends are hard to come by, we all know this because. Great friends... will always somehow come and visit you in your thoughts. You'll be doing something out of the blue someone just comes across your mind. With me.. I dream about them.

Ry asked me if I ever dream about Trevor anymore. The truth ... No. It's strange but maybe I know that part in my life is over and done with. My essence knows that too much time has already been spent and been affected by him. I lost the last 4 weeks of hard working out because I've been healing from bruised ribs. An injury I got from him. See I just walked away from it, I don't need an apology cause I ran into him just as much as he ran into me. But the truth is. Enough time given to him .. is enough. Now the sub-conscience does something. It remembers the good times. Good memories and good friends. The few friends I do dream about more is my twin best friends I had during my childhood. Dej and Pasc. Oddly enough I probably dream about them once every 6 months, maybe even more. Even one of my friends Eman has popped into my dreams. I even had a dream about another good friend the other week. Gema and Ish.

A part of me believes that we were all meant to meet who we were all meant to meet. All things happen for a reason. People bring other people together and the paths of our lives cross for no explanation, they are simply the universe working its magic.

Some friends I do think about and how they are are some childhood best friends. In kindergarten and grade 1, I had a best friend named Martin. I don't remember his last name but I just remember having some awesome laughs with him. In highschool in family parties there was one friend I made that I can't seem to track down. Keng... Where are you?

It's time now to sort my photographs... hmmm I hope I'm a good friend.
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