Thursday, August 05, 2010

Knowing, Learning

I've learned a few things over the years. I've learned to cut down on the bad talk. Which means trying not to be evil in thought and speech. Trust me when I say this is a hard thing to do.

I'm currently thinking very hard about loosening ties with certain people. ( Okay just one person ) It's just the pursuit of their happiness is not what they are pursuing. Their actions and words towards me have made me think differently of them. Personally I accept them for who they are but constant exposure to their energy hasn't proven me any positive outcomes. Actually it's jeopardized part of my happiness. Now I don't necessarily believe that this cutting of ties is needed but I feel that I have to get more time to re-discover what I need right now, verses trying to help someone else try to see what they should be doing with their potential and skills. I need to focus on mine. It's difficult. I'm in a noticeable artistic slump.

I cleaned my room today. One purpose. Cleaning out stuff. I will be continuing this tomorrow. I found one thing I was looking for and that is an application to an upcoming art show. My heart is ready. I should be too. Inspiration is low. I need to go out and have fun. Discover something new for myself to create something even greater while writing this story of my life.

Mr. Bus driver stopped for me again. He's Mr. Sweetness. ♥ I need to be able to wake up earlier.. but sleeping earlier is hard for me to do.

I'll confess I went shopping today. But I found the shoes I was looking for. One - beach wearable - water entering shoe, and another one sporty casual that looks good with my clothes.

There's one thing I noticed I've come to do now. I watch my surroundings a lot. I read a lot into words, actions and energy. One weird thing that's been happening is that I'm noting and talking about things that I later come to read in my books. I'm having dejavu moments a lot that were moments in my dreams coming true.

It's late... I should sleep. Tomorrow is work out day.
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