Saturday, August 07, 2010

The Meeting of Relations

Last Night I had made the effort and decision to have my god brother, friend and Ry meet. See the happenings of the other night had left a little bit of a *blip* I would like to call it, somewhat in the relationship between me and Ry. This *blip* unknowingly caused by the GB. See the thing is that this is from my point of view. You all know that. My friend, also a close friend to my GB also knows Ry, so there isn't the awkwardness of Ry meeting two complete strangers. I had never in my years of relationships have friends sit down and have dinner / desserts with a significant other of mine. Especially with my GB. Before the meet I had to let Ry know that he really had nothing to worry about when it comes to my GB. So I told him my views of him and what I know of him. Truth be told. I think Ry felt 100% better about him after meeting.

There's one thing that I know I don't want to happen is losing something I now feel is one of the best things to happen to me. I feel a warm heart from Ry. I feel unloved when untouched by him in his presence, I feel excited hours before knowing I will be seeing him, I feel ... happy.

My life feels like it's rounding off now to something good. The only thing I really have to work on is art more. It's difficult when you can't really feel inspired. I hope it will come again. What does it feel like right now? I know my dream. I know what I want. I just feel I don't have the energy. Awful really. I have the heart to live, to breathe, to smile, to want. I should be striving the best I can - for every happiness and success I believe I truly deserve.

Note: Try Harder + Love Harder + Love More + Want More + Wish More + Believe More + Have More Faith + Smile More + Laugh More + Enjoy More = Good Life.
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