Sunday, August 08, 2010

Plan for Change

For a while now I had put off a certain thing and that is making my studio in the basement of my home. Why? because it was dominated by my brother and mother. Big changes that I look to do in the following months. Since both my brother and mother are gone for.. lets just sometime ( half way around the world ).

My dad doesn't really know just how much I do do... which means. He doesn't know I blog, I youtube, or even have the slightest idea I want to paint again. He just thinks I'm a stupid little bitch that never listens to him. The fact that I can't leave my dad and just up and move out ( although I have saved up enough to survive on my own for 3-5 months. ) I feel like if I move out now, I'd be abandoning him.

Number of things I have to do / thinking of doing.
1 ) Clean Out Downstairs.

2 ) Set Up Art Studio.

3 ) Swapping rooms with my brother. This will let me live in the space I work in. ( I used to be downstairs. Until my brother took over the space. I'm going to be honest even though he's the oldest, I never saw how he needed the space anyways. I knew I needed space to paint and what not but he took the basement and left things half done. Oh yeah, I was the one that helped him renovate it. )

3 ) Finish Renovations ( Re-finish the kitchen cabinets or put down money to renovate whole kitchen ), repaint the washroom ceiling, paint the bedroom wall, )

4 ) Design Up BlogTV Page ( redesign twitter page )

I think putting money back into my house depends on a number of things. If I get to move downstairs, is only when I would spit out 2-3G's of my own money to renovate it. Besides that, I'd just let it be and make due with what I have. But this house of ours that I've been living in for 14 years or so has been half ass-ed finished. I'd like to finish things now...whoever started it, especially when I've had a hand in starting it. The ones I trusted to finish it never have so. I'm sorry. You're half-ass-ness makes me... angry.
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