Friday, August 06, 2010

Realization Of The Month: July

Of July... There isn't a whole lot of things that really push me to the point of ... WTF! I should kick your ass / slap you really really hard across the face in hopes I can knock some sense into you.

One - is when someone messes with business. [ this is probably why I don't like handling my own business, which means, I have manager like people that handle clients and what not. ] Work is work. That's all I need to say.

Two - is when someone messes with my relationship [ with my significant other ]. If I feel like I'm about to get screwed over in a relationship and it wasn't even my fault! that makes me really really mad. Your relationship with your loved one could be fine and dandy between the two of you and then all of a sudden you have a third factor that comes in [ the worst ones are the ones that don't realize that they are doing this ] and messes with things. They start causing drama.

I've had enough of a drama filled ... 26th year thank you. I'm trying my best to step back from it, choosing carefully who I hang out with that will lessen the amount of dramatic events. But like all things not all things can be avoided not even drama. I've come to believe the meeting of polar opposites may be the cause of dramatic events that seem to stir even more. Lets just see what happens tomorrow.

I tried working out tonight. It turns out that my ribs are not fully healed yet and trying to get up during some of the p90x abs burner moves seem to stir some pain back up. This upsets me even more.. I've been out for a 3-4 weeks already... I feel so LAZY not working out.. I don't even have my Super sexy status yet... my abs... I want my abs :(
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