Saturday, August 21, 2010

Reclaiming Me

See once you notice you are suffering spouts of depressions - You , when strong enough, choose to fight it. I always do. I know because I'm loved. Regardless how I feel, I know beyond all doubts that someone out there - Loves me. One of my first steps to reclaiming me is I kinda dubbed today - Super Sexy Friday - I'm going to try to see if I can get to do this every Friday. I dress up and make me feel completely sexy and super fabulous.

What made my day. As I was at the bus stop a trucker drives by and gives me a wave and I wave back. I hope I made his day :) . I got a few smiles too going to work . 3-4 . Not that many. Work was tiring. I'm trying to design a logo right now and my awesome skills are just not pleasing the boss to his extent. That upsets me.

I created my other two blogs that I wanted to start. One purely for writing my short stories. Another for my fine arts - for more focus and to write the notes and tips I've learned from Oriental painting. I have to design and set those up. Oh.. my stories that I want to put up and not forget. :) For others to read.

More than anything I'm trying to find my path again and Remember - it doesn't matter what road blocks I come across ... I'm still on the right path.
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