Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Thank You Mr. Bus Driver

The only best part of my day was in the morning when I was walking to the bus stop. The bus driver saw me and stopped for me to catch it... again. This time I wasn't even anywhere near the bus stop. The rest of my day... Non stop work... barely had time for lunch. I wanted to do 5K run but decided to take the dog out for a walk since he's been wanting one for the longest time, not only that he's been keeping us up in the middle of the night. The walk took 2 hours, he's now sleeping. I hope to sleep well tonight. I bought strap weights for my ankles tomorrow I hope to get some for my wrists tomorrow. WHOOH what a work out. I thought maybe it would just be better of a work out with strapped weights.

I'm happy that my injuries are healed :) my bruised ribs ... after my minor concussion was a bit of a set back in my body conditioning. :) My weight has maintained at 115 ... none-the-less I have yet to drop to 100-105 which I would like to be at... my abs area is the only one I'm really focusing on but it's mainly toning.

I hope to hit up a few places this summer before it ends. I wonder who out of my friends would like to join me. Maybe these excursions were meant to be done on my own. Some personal photography and filming time. Beaching and having fun in the sun. I hope to go visit Bowen island, hit up the beach there in hopes I perhaps find some sea glass there. :) Maybe enjoy fun in the sun in my bathing suits :P yes and tan this white stomach of mine.
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