Friday, October 22, 2010

Death Dates

Death Dates

Remembering them are the worse, but still we honor them because they in death taught us something, no matter who they were. I guess it depends on who you are and what impact you leave , but I guess that's the reason for us to live a grand life, touch hearts, spread love. I thought I missed it, I had made a note that I would go. 10years - I would go visit him. I remembered when I passed by my old high school, by the alley. By the place where it all went down. Sucks - this years our 10 year reunion too. Attending or not, I haven't decided. Funny isn't it? I'll visit in remembrance of my friends death, but am undecided about seeing the living. Mmm I'm still thinking about it.

Super sexy Fridays continue. Wearing a dress I bought yesterday. It's funny because I find that on these days is when I'm experimenting on make up, style. I mean I'm wearing my mom's 20 years old trench coat- and this thing is boss! Lol - am I the only one using that term? "Boss" as to refer to something large and in charge? It's an awesome term.. It means what it means and isn't to demean or refer to something else. Like so many things put there today. I'm so hungry - I guess I'm going to be eating the last chicken pot pie in the freezer at work that I stored there.

Wow, I've been really too tired to clean. I'll do a little here or there but. Ehh. Man, I really want to fix up the basement and move down there and actually have friends over. It sucks balls that I don't have that freedom right now. I need to practice driving and getting it once every other week is bugging me, it's like everyone expecting me to just get the license but when I need them to help, not a lot of people are willing to be there to help, not even the same people that you expect to help you are there. Not even the ones that are telling me to get my license. Always the unexpected ones. I can't do it without their help. It's like everyone expecting you to learn to walk, but everyone to expect you to walk - won't guide you, hold your hand, or show you: just tell you. Some people can do it, but we're not all geniuses. I know how to drive, probably better than some other drivers out there, but I'm still roughy around the corners, even I know that. I don't mean at turning, just driving in general.

If people haven't noticed I blog in the mornings now, because well this is part of my rehabilitation for my creative soul. I write my blogs in my notepad and email post it on the blog. I haven't done a lot with pics but I should go back and add them. Lol I have some great ones. These are my morning pages. I should be blogging at mint to journal and reflect my days end. But ... Now a days I'm a bit too tire to keep looking at a screen at the end of the day.

Today I will work hard, to polish up a website, send off new variations of a logo, to finish re- designing another one of out clients websites... What else is in the list ... When I get home, I will do laundry, clean my room ad maybe head downstairs to paint and as I'm doing that, I will practice my vocals. The basement has great acoustics right now. I should consider starting my other painting but I want to set up the art space first. I'm going to try to de-clutter a lot more stuff. Sucks, art takes up a lot of space, especially when you have lots of supplies. Come on lottery, hit the jackpot! The jackpot of life! Lol

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