Thursday, November 04, 2010

My Core Hurts

My Core Hurts
I started my first personal training session run yesterday. 45 mins non stop. And I'm sore. Especially my core.

Well yesterday at work was more
Like any other. After work booked my butt to meet with DJ and went for a run around a track. See during this time it should have been meditative. But I ended up calling my dad in the middle of it. See since having more
Friends around me, ( like usual more guys than girls ) my dad thinks I'm being stupid or fooling around. Its pure friendship and business. I know - business and friends sometimes don't work. But this does. Cause right now our main focus is not money. We don't even want to focus our energy there because we all know we're not g to be the best at what we do - for money. People may ask, what for. Honestly, to see what we are capable of and nothing more. We aren't competing with anyone else but ourselves when we say we want to be better. Our focus is us and what we can do. Not what we can't. No worries, no fears, no doubt.

You're wrong if you believe that we don't think about it - money - we do - we just don't worry about it. When good things happen, they happen. If you worry about your finances - you will always worry about it and you're going to spend half your energy in a day just thinking about what's in your account. What your making / investing. You should be making you. Investing in yourself. Die tomorrow and what would your life had been for?

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