Thursday, November 18, 2010

Say the Positive

Say the Positive
your negativity can remain and live with you. If you choose to spread hate- I will look at you with disgust. We're better than that. We may not think a like. But the last thing I like to hear from anybodies mouth is total smack. Sometimes people can find other people's sarcasm as crude. I'm too nice to say to someones face that they are being an asshole. So watch what you say- dim your ego that can be broken like an eggshell and remain humble. Don't believe you're above so many. If you're going to make a statement of such high stature- I- out of a few have the biggest urge to knock you off your high horse. Stop living to make others see- what you're made of. Especially to those who weren't paying much attention to you in the first place. Live for yourself - don't turn your downs to ups for anyone else but you. If you do the things you do to show up a certain someone - you have a chance to become very unhappy. There's no doubt about it because your energy is so sadly wasted. Why give so much power to someone who gave you neither the time or day. Let go. If you don't have the guts to say what you would really want to say to someone when you love them - why tell them that you hate them when you hate them? Your emotional disturbance does not benefit anyone. Hit a point where your standards feel broken and stop yourself. What is your self worth? Don't talk the talk if you can not walk the walk. In the end words are only words and with no action - they mean nothing. I tell people when I love them- I tell them when I miss them. I hold nothing back but cruel energy. The energy I feel when I hate - feel frustrated - feel like knocking off someone from their thrown - and if not to make them see that they hold only great imagination that they really are heirs to the kingdom of nothingness. If you had a child at this moment- very moment god fast forwarded your life with a child. What can you truly say to your child that you've done? Have you led an example life of success for your child to truly believe that they can be anything they hope to be? Would you tell them to chase the passion? Or the money? Or tell them to chase the money to build the happiness and security?

If your life is built on striving for more money - trying to buy happiness - I'll be honest - having money and buying things is quite fulfilling- but if money buys your happiness ... Keep in mind that money can run out easily. Very easily. If you build your life on passion, the fortune that comes with it is endless. Build your life on money, and you can count your fortune, happiness, security.

Life is not a numbers game- it's an emotional one.

Know what emotion you live for.

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