Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sunny Then Cloudy

Sunny Then Cloudy
This is the basic norm of Vancouver weather. Frick I'm hungry. I just woke up at 7- I'm gonna goto work and eats! I really don't know what to write this morning. I exercised last night doing the light jog to brisk walking thing altering at every minute. Tiring really. Even more dangerous when you're making a protein shake at the same time. The other day- I traded in my lotto ticket. On three sets I got a free draw. What are the odds of that?
After work yesterday I went to go pick up my jewelry and it's so shiny and new looking! Clean earrings for the win! After that I met up with SJ. He seemed a little stuck on how to promote. I spat out every idea I had. Who and where to go. Who he should be contacting. I seemed to have sparked something. My abs are still sore. But my body feels tighter. I'm wondering if I should go look for my knee high boots. :( but to be honest I had dedicated most of my expenditures of this month to go towards others and not solely on me. For Christmas presents and such. I'm wondering should I put together a care package to ship to Australia for the brother and his girlfriend. Still debating.
I worked last night on recovering one of my clients sites data. I hope I got everything cause I'm going to try to grow them back live later today. I should re-design for them. But that will come later. Worked on DJ-'s t shirt design. I hope he can get it printed.
Well really don't have anything else left to say.
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