Friday, November 05, 2010


I'm usually never appreciated weekends. I used to work such off and on days.

Its been strange at work, as it's all piling up- my boss refers to me as the senior designer. He's making me take on other tasks that make it difficult just to do my work straight on. I can't just design- I have to think and bounce back information of what will work, and what wouldn't for a client site out if given content. I guess I have to take on more responsibility as our client list is growing double the rate from last year. Me and my boss are both Libras so this boost of fast and furious changes apply to the both of us if this is universal energy bouncing back at us.

I'm looking flight centre deals and I feel like going on a vacation. LOL . Wow Jamaica seems so cheap to go vacay. I don't know what to write this morning. I've been busy at work.

I was on the bus going home yesterday - researching a bit on loft spaces in Vancouver and New West. Two people hop onto the bus, expecting the bus driver to give them a free ride. The bus driver stops at a stop for the longest time. One of the guys that hopped on sat next to me. The lot of us are wondering what's going on. Until the bus driver explained what these people are trying to do. I think it made a lot of people uncomfortable. These two people were pretty young too. Late teens. Early twenties? I hate public confrontations - it makes everyone nervous.

I got home, changed and went to do my five kilometer run knowing it will take me my 45 mins area to complete. The weird thing about my run was that its the first time I did it after hours. Where the city lights seem brighter and the sun is already at the cusp of fully not being seen. The dim light just around the bend of it's rotation. The sky was a dark grey. And by the time I got back it was dark. And this morning, I'm sore! My core, but my thighs even more. It's annoying. Protein shakes please! Last night I tried to customize my phone, but it seems as though somethings aren't working. And I'm seeking help from my friend who told me about these updates. He even showed me face time on the phone. It was very cool! I wish I could do that with my cousin. I miss her!

Esjay is right about this feeling. I explained it as - if so many dejavus are happening. Then I know that things were meant to happen. It feels like puzzle pieces falling into place. But now faster than expected. No slowing down. I got an Artshow this weekend to attend. I may paint tonight. What else. I have no clue. What should I eat this morning at work? Hmmmmm.

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