Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2 hours of Sleep.

2 hours of Sleep.
But that's okay. I spent the night painting. While my Bf works, and everyone slept. I finished my six piece painting. I changed my original concept for pure pandas. I just couldn't get the girl to work to my full advantage so I think I'll save her for something else. I painted my pandas and then on my fifth panda I realized I wasn't recording! Sucks. But I guess life goes on . I wake up this morning with a little dreading cause of the little sleep I had but I showered put on perfume and my clothes since today is lunch !!! :) and I'm listening and singing to Bruno Mars as I walk to the bus stop and looked up at the beautiful sky. It wasn't vanilla but a bright white shining through the clouds. I have a biggest feeling of. Life's so good right now. I guess it's the knowing I have great friends. Creative, talented and supportive. My back hurts and I hurt my ankle on the bus. Basically I was stepping up on the back, the bus moved and my foot slipped and I banged my other ankle on the ledge of the step.
I'm hungry. Oh - I bought brown rice to eat and turns out my mom opened it to make congee with it. Interesting I did however got to replace the white rice last night for brown rice. Loved it.
Anyways I wonder what's next. I got to get the write ups from people. I have to take picks of my daily life. Send them in to VIA. I have to finish my website too.
Well I'm gonna put on makeup the rest of the trip to work on the skytrain.
I hope tonight goes well!

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