Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hello, beautiful mess

Hello, beautiful mess
For someone with 2 hours of sleep- I'm feeling pretty awesome.

Although not all things are working out as the day started to. It's okay cause they are going to get done. Things are on my list for a reason. Things happen for a reason. I watched two videos before my lunch and theses are. Do what you love and do it. Argue- but get it over and done with and make up your mind and just - leap.

The guys next door in the new office set up come and go. I see them looking in the window and one said hi to me as I walk back to my office from the washroom. I said hi back to be nice to the white guy in suits. - I love guys in suits.

I could go to a get together tonight but the parents made a request for me to be at home. I have the rest of the week off. What am I going to do? Work- personal stuff that is. Portfolio. Photos. Setting up more stuff on the comp. Posting videos up.

I had lunch today with people at work. The bosses - my boss and the other company we share the office with and the co workers and boss. We ate at Kirin and wow - so much food but so good! And it wasn't dim sum. Dessert was not a pass though. Not with this food lover. Sorry. Before when we were waiting to be seated, my boss tells asks me with a suggestion. Of coming in an hour earlier. So means I work 8-4. Those are rough hours. Which means I have to stick to the 5 am wake ups. Gods way of saying... This is what you need- ? I used to love the early wake up. I'm functioning on 2 hours of sleep and I feel awesome. But I guess cause there's the eating right and working out thing. I am happy. Perhaps this extra hour- and with the pay raise with the new year- is setting things into place. See- 4pm off work leaves me a lot of time. And if I start to synch my phone to work- a lot more things can probably get done faster. (maybe) why am I thinking of getting an iPad. Life sets up things up for you, when you set up what you want from life. And if you're wreckless with your life and not responsible for the longest time- god also has a way of smacking you in the face to set you in your place. Grow up - or wow your growing... Here this is the time for this... And new opportunities arise. Maybe it's that simple. I way he'd this video from my friends blog - the greathness mind. How we - if we want to accomplish anything we really want to- just produce and keep doing it. Learn, learn, learn. The ones that make things and succeed is because they dare to push the boundaries- they fight the lizard brain of- work, eat, sex... Repeat. I fight the lizard brain all the time! Cause I'm always designing something new to push the limit to create something different. There's the freedom and timidness when I create. How to I turn a shut site into something that will blow the clients mind. So much so it fucks them up. Lol- I don't me it messes them up. But that's how I think now. I'm going to create something that will fuck you up! Cause it's so awesome that it's that insanely good.

Although life can get messy. I cannot relinquish how beautiful it's becoming. I can't wait to share my artwork. :)

I think the world is ready for me.

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