Friday, December 10, 2010

The Pain

The Pain
Well the summary of my weekend. Friday-after work, I met up with DJ who fed me. He bought a whole bunch of food from T&T and it was fantastic. After than I Then that night rolling over to Saturday - I worked on restoring one of my clients site that was hacked. It was so rough, structure re-building is rough! Then later on that night I wanted to end it painting but I didn't have enough gigs on my computer- two series of painting the 6 piece footage took up a lot of space. I had to clear it, move it, or publish and delete some stuff. I also had to create the beat for the footage. Which I ended up passing out doing. Sunday- I went out to have breakfast with my friend Ben. I hadn't seen him forever and it felt nice to sit and talk to him and find out about his crazy girlfriend. I've been hearing stories about crazy girls. On Facebook my friends have been also posting vids about how individuals feed the poorest of the poor. Even when they don't have income coming in - that's their job. Awesome people around the world to do this. Then I come to think how can you create something that will generate good food to people ratio. A farm? Sponsorship? Later that day on Sunday I went to go see my sister and baby Ethan. He danced with me again, and I was playing a dancing game. He seemed to like fatboy slim songs and beastie boys. He also bit me pretty hard. Love bites- I do it too. I am trying to see if he could get up on his own, I reach out my hand to him just a bit out of reach so he reaches out to me as well. He yells at me with a little AHHHHH! To tell me he's frustrated with me being so far as for me to come closer. He's walking so much now, it's amazing to watch him. Communicate and walk. How he calls out to mom and dad. - I go home to paint and film my third canvas.

Monday - I went to work, and after wards the boyfriend picked me up and we went to go pick up my monitor. I was talked out of getting anymore till boxing day.

I spent time with the bf a lot this week. Just till yesterday. Well I guess I've seen him this whole days off. I worked, watched movies, got my programs.

Tuesday I don't remember what I did really. Did I work? I know I finished DJ's set of sketches in the Wednesday. I was downloading and trying to figure our the system for my site for my portfolio. Nothings really working.

Yesterday I got into work early- worked and got off early. Boyfriend picked me up. We went back to his place and he slept for a bit as I watched movies and tried to figure out my website. That evening he drove me home. I did a bit of laundry as I painted the washroom, and a work tabletop. As I was painting it I was thinking what I could add that made the edge seamless. I'm putting the downstairs together and I hope the efforts won't go to waste. I have no idea where to put all my brother's stuff that's everywhere. Random places - mom seems to be going through stuff here and there. Her hoarding picking up again but it really isn't something for me to stress about. I'm thinking about how to set up the computer table. I'm thinking how to sand the cabinets downstairs and paint it. Dad wants to keep the wood but the birds have damaged the cabinets and I can't seem to convince him for me to change it. I brought home my monitor yesterday and he can't believe I'm buying more stuff. I think he should ask before saying anything. I don't say anything to him out of respect when he brings stupid things home. I chatted on Facebook after I finished painting the table top with cousin Bruce. I should go visit the babies and Michelle soon. After that I went to my room to research more on my site. And developing it. I haven't had many meetings this week. I wonder what the rest of the crew is up to. I sing a bit before going to sleep. Practicing . Always.

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